How to build a B2B SaaS marketing engine

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Product Marketing

How To Price SaaS Products And Services

Here are multiple articles/a video about the different aspects of creating, optimizing and evolving your pricing strategy for SaaS products and...

Product Marketing

Build What You Sell, Sell What You Build

You can't build your product in a vacuum. The customers drive engineering priorities. You also can't let your customers control your engineering team.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing Manager Job Description

This role owns the 5p's of Marketing on the team (Positioning, Price, Place, Promotion, People). Find how to hire a great product marketing manager...

Product Marketing

How to communicate a SaaS pricing increase

Based on various research studies, there is a proven way to announce a price increase for SaaS products. Use these five tips and examples from...

Product Marketing

Best Video Ever On Building Momentum

Going from the first lone nut using your product, to getting product adoption by a crowd of happy customers is an art and a science.

Product Marketing

$1.68 Can Drive Loyalty

The Marketing power of the effect of ownership and not wanting to give up something we feel entitled to is very strong.

Product Marketing

What's The Right Length For The Trial Period?

Getting the length of the trial period right is key for a successful Try/Buy model. 1 week? 30 days? 1 year? All can be the right answer.

Product Marketing

The Shortest Definition Of Product Market Fit

You need to be on your guard before you commit to a certain Go-To-Market or business model, as you don’t know your customers are Early Adopters.

Product Marketing

Your Road-Map Is Your SLA

If you’re expecting your customers to pay you an ongoing subscription fee, a road-map now has taken on new meaning, here's why...

Product Marketing

Who Is Your Competition?

When starting your competitive research, the first order of business is creating a list of your competitors.

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