Unlock your B2B SaaS growth potential with fractional CMO agency service

To scale your SaaS company, you need a B2B SaaS CMO with strategic marketing knowledge who can also roll up their sleeves to get the job done. With a CMO-as-a-service, one of our fractional CMOs becomes an extension of your company as they bring along expertise and knowledge backed by a proven B2B SaaS marketing playbook and T2D3 methodology.

Our approach enables the development and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy, tailored to meet your specific business goals and drive growth effectively.

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See how a fractional CMO helped SocialLadder hit new heights

SocialLadder is the only true end-to-end brand ambassador management platform that allows marketing teams to bring ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates under one roof. Based in Philadelphia, SocialLadder has helped consumer brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, goPuff, Hendrick’s Gin, Campari, Kendra Scott, Graduate Hotels, and more turn their influencers into growth drivers by mobilizing communities to create content and increase conversions.


Increase of qualified


Increase qualified outbound opportunities


Increase in $ added to the
sales pipeline


New marketing
leader hired


Raavi Iqbal


“We were looking for someone that knew what they were doing and could take our marketing engine to the next level. More importantly, we wanted someone that would fully integrate and become a member of the team. Antoine was able to do both."

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What can a Kalungi fractional CMO do for you?

A chief marketing officer provides strategic leadership and expertise in guiding marketing strategies to align with overall business objectives. At Kalungi, a fractional chief marketing officer offers a cost-effective solution for strategic marketing leadership, bringing extensive marketing expertise to your company on a part-time, interim, or project basis.

Based on your company stage, your fractional CMO will design and execute a go-to-market strategy 
that will help your business to achieve your growth goals.


Increase marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

  • Plan, launch and test demand generation campaigns through inbound & outbound channels. A fractional CMO provides executive-level guidance to the existing marketing team to optimize campaign outcomes, ensuring that each initiative is aligned with the company's strategic goals.
  • Build a martech infrastructure to attribute, nurture, and retarget prospects in your Marketing funnel to optimize conversion rates.
  • Sign up for pipeline goals and generate the right number of high intent leads that fit your company ICP.
marketing sales funnel analysis
SaaS marketing roadmap

Increase customer lifetime value (CLTV)

  • Increase customer retention with customer loyalty programs and campaigns.
  • Improve product-market fit with client interviews, product roadmap input, and customer success resources.

Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)

  • Create customer retention plans, and execute upsell and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Implement a land and expand sales approach.
  • Build, implement and refine pricing strategies to impact your product-market fit, churn, ARPU, conversion rates, and LTV.
Increase SaaS arpu with fractional cmo support
fractional cmo demand generation support

Decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC)

  • Diversify and scale your demand gen channels and build a strong inbound go-to-market strategy. Focused marketing strategy leadership is crucial for optimizing your overall approach and cutting back on CAC, 

    ensuring that every marketing dollar contributes to growth.

  • Test, measure, learn, and optimize. Build the infrastructure to consistently track targets vs. assumptions and decrease CAC.

Meet your fractional CMOs

Kalungi's team of experienced marketing professionals each come with a proven track record of success in leading B2B SaaS companies in a wide variety of industries and through all stages of growth.

A seasoned marketing executive with 15 years of experience and a proven track record of driving strategic growth across diverse industries and organizational scales in B2B, B2C and D2C, Adriano brings a blend of strategic leadership, hands-on execution, and business insights to every project.


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Antoine is a strategic marketing leader with a Master’s in International Business from NYU. Prior to his role as a Fractional CMO at Kalungi, he worked as a PR Consultant for the UN. Antoine is trilingual and has a proven track record of building marketing functions for SaaS companies in the healthcare, human resources, and gaming industries.


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Brian leads the Marketing Leadership team at Kalungi where he trains and mentors up-and-coming Fractional CMOs. Brian is an executive-level marketing leader who has managed teams in diverse industries and company sizes. He combines high-level strategy with tactical execution and business leadership expertise to build and scale marketing departments for long-term growth.


See Brian's experience

With a diverse career path that combines strategic thinking with hands-on execution, Cecilia brings a multidisciplinary approach to B2B SaaS marketing, grounded in translating deep buyer understanding into impactful and creative initiatives to drive long-term growth.


See Cecilia's Experience

Duff Ferguson is a fractional CMO and expert in GTM strategies for B2B SaaS companies from $2M-$20M ARR. His work helps companies enter new markets, identify gaps in their marketing strategy and unlock rapid growth by upgrading critical areas such as narrative, owned/earned media, holistic funnels, analytics and team.


See Duff's experience

As a seasoned senior executive with three decades of progressive experience, Neil excels in developing and directing technology businesses. With expertise in global strategic planning and a talent for fostering collaboration, he drives exceptional results. Neil is known for nurturing talent, creating a marketing infrastructure for profitable growth, and identifying and achieving strategic goals.


See Neil's experience

With experience in both B2C and B2B companies and years of leading marketing teams, Silvia brings direction, organization, experience, and a curious mind to each project she works at. Her strengths lie in Inbound Marketing, creating strong GTM strategies, and combining creativity and data to make better and more informed decisions. 


See Silvia's experience

At Kalungi, Yusuf has worked with various B2B SaaS businesses in different growth stages, including pre-MVP, pre-PMF, PMF, and 20+ year-old established businesses. He’s also helped a few B2B SaaS companies expand into the North American market.


See Yusuf's experience

how a cmo-as-a-service supports your business

How does a Kalungi CMO-as-a-service
integrate into your business?

A great fractional CMO aligns closely and regularly with the in-house marketing team to ensure that marketing initiatives are closely connected to the company's growth goals and revenue results. This collaboration fosters a seamless integration of strategic marketing leadership with the existing team's efforts, building on the marketing activities that are already working, introducing new approaches and channels, and confirming that your marketing strategy is cohesive and well-executed.


They act as an internal employee and work closely with your team


They manage your internal marketing team against your corporate growth goals


They are backed by the knowledge and expertise of the rest of Kalungi's CMOs and team of B2B SaaS specialists


They strategize and define the best go-to-market initiatives for your business


They meet you where you are, and work with you to take you to the next stage


They help you hire your own CMO and team of marketers at the right time

Ready to meet your fractional CMO?

Eliminate the guesswork of growing your business, and get the results of adding an experienced CMO to your team that will help you increase MQLs, ARPU, and LTV, and reduce CAC.

kalungi team yusuf

A CMO-as-a-service is the right choice for you if...

  • You are pursuing ambitious growth goals, and can’t risk hiring the wrong person/team. You need an expert now.
  • You are a CEO/ owner of a startup that needs someone to provide vision and execution to your marketing engine.
  • Your marketing team is new, and you need someone to get them started on the right path.
  • You hit a marketing wall and need help from an expert to get you to the next stage.
  • You are working on a high impact project (product launch, rebranding, new website) and need a push
  • You can't afford the expertise you need in-house.

See what our clients have said about
working with our marketing leaders

michael hetcko

Michael Hetcko


Yusuf was awesome to work with as a fractional CMO. He was focused on learning our product, market and how we differentiated our offerings to our customers and prospects. He pulled together the resources to help implement brand standards, deploy HubSpot as the designated tool for our sales and marketing efforts and truly became part of the team. He assisted implementing demand generation to boost ARR and identified the personas we should target with marketing efforts. Throughout the engagement, Yusuf provided valuable insights and customized materials for specific target customers.


Raavi Iqbal


Historically, on the paid marketing efforts when we increased budget, we were not able to get the linear growth we wanted, but since we brought Antoine we are even able to deliver beyond the rate we were projecting.


Cheryl Haywood


Silvia and her team have enabled us to jump start our marketing efforts. Her expertise and command of the strategy combined with attention to detail on every execution, have instilled our confidence. Silvia's leadership skills are evident in the work her team provides, the team is motivated to do their best at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend Silvia and the Kalungi team for any SaaS marketing endeavor.

mike lamb

Mike Lamb


It’s difficult to stand up a marketing team in any situation, but particularly with a third party. I’m really glad we were able to utilize the associate-CMO, Brian Graf, because he had all that impact on the business and still delivered consistently.