Has The T-Shaped Marketer Forgotten The Marketing Fundamentals?

Stijn Hendrikse
Jun 13, 2019

What happened to the 4-5 P's of marketing? Looking at many examples of modern T-Shaped marketing job descriptions, there seems to be less focus on the marketing fundamentals. 

Especially now that Search Engine Marketing and SEO are becoming less effective, and Google rewards doing the basics well, it's time to dust off our appreciation for traditional marketing competencies. The things that are taught in an MBA or by Seth Godin. You can't get by with just growth hacking. You need both.


When I work with starting software companies, the biggest "gap" in their marketing team is usually traditional product marketing. While you don't need this on your team starting day one, I think this should be at least part of your 3rd of 4th marketing hire's focus:

  • Positioning - What's it for? Why is that relevant? What's, are we best at?
  • Pricing - Not just the price on your website, but real pricing strategy grounded in market dynamics, monetization strategy, cost and value-based pricing models, and keeping GTM options flexible for future strategy changes.
  • Placement - How do we Go-To-Market? Direct vs. Channel models. Where do we go to the market? What are the trade-offs? Some guidelines here.
  • People - Who's it for? Why are we relevant to them? Why are they relevant to us?
  • Promotion - How do you turn a blog or a product release into an integrated, well thought out, multi-channel marketing campaign?

Here are some ideas on the sequencing of hiring your marketing team.

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