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Kalungi’s content marketing team builds and manages content programs that attract your ideal customers, educate them on your product, and position you as their trusted guide. As a full-service Kalungi client, you’ll receive access to our content specialists and tested playbook for organic growth.

"If you need a content-unicorn who writes and also understands data, Kalungi is it."

- Moritz Drews, Dataguard

content marketing agency for b2b saas

"It was a pleasure working with Kalungi's content team. Their team is extremely organized and gave excellent direction to the type of content we needed to be pushing out the door. They were also outstanding at giving one-to-one support when creating that content. This collaborative process led to a ton of exciting initiatives that helped in the acquisition of leads and also made the site something that provided an expert feel to our customers."


"Their team is full of gifted content marketers—from planning a targeted content marketing strategy for B2B SaaS companies to writing and managing writers to produce top-tier articles, whitepapers, and other content pieces while also consulting and executing SEO measures.”


"We’ve worked with Kalungi the past 6 months. Their content & SEO teams helped us significantly boost our online visibility and publish a huge amount of new web content. We are very happy with their services and professionalism."


Discover Kalungi's complete SaaS content marketing strategy playbook

Drive brand awareness, nurture leads, and boost revenue with our complete B2B SaaS content marketing guide—built on our experience as a leading SaaS content marketing agency. Our playbook is designed to align with the goals and requirements of SaaS businesses, offering specialized expertise and strategic content marketing tailored specifically for the software industry.

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Kalungi's content marketing team is for...

B2B SaaS companies looking to build product awareness and a consistent source of leads through a strong organic presence and convert interest into customers.

Kalungi's content agency services excel in crafting content marketing strategies tailored specifically for B2B SaaS companies

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A holistic approach to content that addresses the entire buyer’s journey 

Content marketing is more than a collection of blog articles written to rank on Google. We take a comprehensive approach to educating your audience on the problem you solve, articulating what makes you the best choice, and moving existing demand into high-intent pipeline opportunities. 

First, we’ll assess your content library and evaluate your market position. Then we’ll use our Why change/Why you/Why now framework to design content that communicates your unique value to stand out from the competition.

b2b saas content messaging
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Content strategy, production, and management—all off your plate

We're comfortable building content engines from scratch or stepping in to manage existing programs and team members. Wherever you are in your content journey, we'll meet you there and take it to the next level.

As your needs change, so does the support we provide. Our content team is ready to advise on and adapt its strategy and focus deliverables to what is most important at your growth stage.

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A fully integrated, cross-functional content team

Our expert teams work cross-functionally––SEO, CRO, PPC, video, design, and social media––to collaborate on a comprehensive and collaborative strategy that nurtures more leads and ensures the message is aligned with and valuable to your brand. Coordinating a range of digital marketing services and channels enhances brand awareness and supports the growth of B2B SaaS business clients, strengthening their pipelines through targeted, strategic content.

Once we've developed a consistent flow of leads, our content specialists work closely with your sales team to build the educational and sales support materials needed to nurture contacts and close opportunities.

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Kalungi content marketing services

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Frequently asked questions

If we're not directly promoting our product in our copy, how do we create leads and sales?

Your target audience is not interested in your product, they’re interested in solving a problem or challenge that is currently causing them issues. By leveraging inbound marketing tactics, companies like yours can build authority and become thought leaders in the industry. This approach not only positions your brand as the key solution to their problem but also significantly enhances organic traffic to your website. Ultimately, you want to showcase to your future customers that you are the best solution to their problem.

How can content marketing address our target audiences throughout the customer journey?

Content serves different purposes at various points in the journey.

At the start, top-of-funnel content focuses on educating and addressing general problems. It provides expert insights on achieving positive outcomes. As people move along the journey, they seek more in-depth information to support decision-making.

When customers are close to making a decision, they look for specific and detailed information. This bottom-of-funnel content should be so valuable that customers are willing to share their contact details to access it.

Content marketing isn't just about getting new customers; it's also crucial for keeping existing customers happy and engaged. Satisfied customers often become the most passionate advocates for a brand, influencing others and contributing to sales.

Does content marketing affect sales?

When companies share valuable content that answers questions and solves problems, they build trust with potential customers. This trust leads more people to visit their website or shop.

Good content keeps guiding interested folks toward making a purchase. As businesses keep sharing useful stuff, it's like they're being a helpful friend, guiding people through deciding what to buy. This helps businesses make more sales and keeps customers coming back because they like the brand. In short, great content not only brings in new customers but also keeps the old ones happy, making a business more money in the end.

How do we attribute content to marketing?

There are several key ways to correctly attribute your MQLs to your content marketing efforts. These include the following:

  • Last page viewed before conversion
  • In-line CTA clicks
  • Resource downloads that pass lead scoring
  • Thank you page conversions
  • Email nurture clicks
  • Pop-up downloads
  • Live chat/chatbot messages
  • Post-video CTAs
  • In-video CTAs
  • Gated lead magnet forms

Discover how our content marketing services can drive high-quality leads for your business