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B2B SaaS Marketing Services

A proven playbook and approach - tailored, optimized and proven for the software industry

We help software entrepreneurs and ventures that don’t have the time or expertise to build an in-house marketing team. We’re there for operating executives who need to deliver on a hockey-stick growth promise. We’re an outsourced marketing arm for owners and CEOs at fast-growing Software-as-a-Service companies. We help B2B SaaS companies through any of the three stages of marketing maturity, what we call Start, Scale and Profit.


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The four stages of growth


$1M to $10M ARR


Kick start your marketing initiatives, learn best practices and gain insights from seasoned coaches.

Put me in, Coach


$1M to $10M ARR


Get your company from MVP to Product-Market Fit, build your first marketing team and lay the foundation for growth.

Build the foundation


$10M to $100M ARR


Drive exponential growth, scale your marketing team and level up your marketing functions.

Grow your team


$100M+ ARR


Explore new verticals, diversify your marketing channels and optimize costs-to-service.

Grow ARR

A full suite of services

Most other agencies specialize in only one set of services, limiting end-to-end accountability. You waste time and energy dealing with multiple vendors and managing timelines. It’s next to impossible that all those services will dovetail the way you need them to, when you need them.

What makes Kalungi very different from other agencies, is while we only service a very specific type of client, we do everything they need. For B2B SaaS Ventures, we do it all—from competitive research to customer journey mapping, persona research to creating a podcast series.

Account-Based Marketing
Advertising Optimization
AI List Building
Brand Management
Channel Marketing
Competitive Research
Content Marketing
Conversion Optimization
CRM Implementation & Optimization
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Testimonials
Dashboards and Analytics
Demand Generation
Design Services
Directory Services Optimization
Email Marketing
G2 Crowd & Capterra Optimization
ICP Research
Influencer Marketing
Lead Magnets & Calculators
Loyalty Program
Marketplace Management
Mobile Appstore Marketing
Online Chat Management
Persona Research
Podcast Services
Positioning & Messaging
PR and Analyst Relations
Pricing Optimization
Product Marketing
Referral Marketing
Reporting & Boards Presentations
Reputation Management
Sales Pipeline
Segmentation and Targeting
Social Media Management
User Experience Optimization
User Generated Content
Vendor Management
Video Marketing
Website Creation and Management
Workflow Automation

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