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Drive qualified organic traffic and lower the cost of customer acquisition with professional SEO agency services. 

As part of our full-stack marketing team service, get strategic SEO solutions that fuel demand generation and boost your MRR.

  • Customized SEO plans that align with your business goals
  • Scalable, transparent, and measurable SEO strategies
  • ROI-focused balance of technical prowess and quality content
b2b saas seo agency services
Increase in organic MQLs for One Click Contractor
Traffic growth for Ascend in 18 mo.
Traffic growth for UtilityCloud in 6 mo.

Kalungi’s SEO services are for…

B2B SaaS companies that are looking to kickstart their organic presence and build a consistent stream of new high-intent site visitors and leads.

holistic integrated saas seo

Grow your organic presence with integrated, holistic SEO

Reach high-intent B2B SaaS audiences with data-driven SEO strategies. Our content, paid, social, PR, and CRO teams collaborate to deliver cohesive campaigns.  The goal is to boost target keywords and topic clusters that drive revenue.

holistic integrated saas seo
b2b saas keyword research

Rank for the keywords your prospects are searching for

We craft content and site pages that land you on the first page of results for keywords that matter. We focus on the questions your ideal customer is searching for answers to at every stage of the funnel.

technical seo optimization for b2b saas

Uncover and repair technical issues holding your search engine performance back

We uncover blockers to your site’s performance, from improper canonicalization to indexation issues. We fine-tune the technical aspects of your site, ensuring it’s fast, functional, and user-friendly according to the latest Web Core Vitals standards. The result? Enhanced search visibility, reduced bounce rates, and a significant boost in engagement and conversions.

technical seo optimization for b2b saas
saas competitor seo research and analysis

Stake your position with deep competitor research

We transform data into a strategic roadmap. Get a crystal-clear view of your SEO landscape, knowing exactly what your competitors are up to, what your customers are looking for, and what you can do to stand out.

on page seo optimization for b2b saas

Build fully-optimized, high-performing site pages

Unlock the full potential of your website. We optimize your content, meta tags, images, and more, turning every page into a magnet that attracts, engages, and converts your target audience.

on page seo optimization for b2b saas

See what Kalungi can do

CPGvision logo 2023 

CPGvision's organic sessions rose 48.1% in six months with Kalungi’s SEO approach

CPGvision is a leader in trade promotion solutions for the CPG industry. However, despite its advanced solutions, CPGvision recognized the need for a stronger digital presence and faced a common problem for many industry innovators: its digital footprint didn't match its technological prowess. This is where Kalungi were able to offer their expert assistance.


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in organic clicks


Increase in organic MQLs

Kalungi's SEO content team set out to accomplish dominance in our space in a short time frame. By collaborating with our SMEs and applying an aggressive and comprehensive approach to content creation and optimization we were able to reach our goals quickly and effectively. Not only are we driving prospects to our website, but they are spending significant time exploring our content. We have gained visibility and credibility through this effort."


Connie Whitehouse

Vice President Strategy
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Frequently asked questions

Why does it take so long for SEO to create results?

Creating a well-researched and thoughtful SEO strategy takes time. The good news is a successful SEO strategy is extremely hard for your competitors to duplicate, once it is fully realized. SEO is a long-term strategy, but depending on your site, the competitiveness of your phrases, and your niche, you can see traffic results in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. 

Why is it important to have more non-branded keywords?

Branded keywords reach your existing audience, searchers who already know your brand. Focusing on non-branded keywords helps you reach a much larger audience who are earlier in the buyer’s journey. It is important to rank for both branded and non-branded phrases so that you have an integrated organic marketing strategy.

Our niche doesn’t have a lot of search volume. Do I still need to do SEO?

Even with low-volume organic searches, it’s still important to focus on your SEO strategy, which will grow over time. Niches with low search volume can be extremely important in certain industries. Lower volume searches with less competition are typically easier to rank for and have higher search intent, making these phrases valuable for your growth strategy.

Elevate your organic presense with targeted SEO support