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Owner's mindset

At Kalungi, we don't just work for our clients—we immerse ourselves in their visions. This means embracing ownership and accountability in every aspect of our work.

We take pride in becoming invested partners dedicated to our client's growth—as if each were our business. This commitment to collaboration and shared success is fundamental to our approach.

Associate CMO

Adriano Valerio

Adriano is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing successful strategies for high-performance companies through GTM campaigns and data-driven insights.

Web Development Specialist

Amec Velasquez

Amec is a web developer with a design background and 7+ years of experience designing, building, and maintaining websites for clients across multiple frameworks. He is a staunch advocate for user friendliness and has made it his personal goal to put users at the heart of every one of his projects.


Antoine Vial

Antoine is a strategic marketing leader with a Master’s in International Business from NYU. He continually strives to seek new objectives and is always looking for new challenges. Highly focused on results, Antoine dedicated the past few years to helping B2B SaaS ventures reach their full growth potential.


Alfapa Aparicio

Alfapa is a graphic designer, video editor and 2D animator in process who is passionate about his work, which motivates him to learn a little bit about his job every day 


Ana Quintero

Ana is passionate about Graphic Design and used it in the creation of content which motivates her to learn a bit every day about her work.

Web Development Specialist

Aster Bodden

Aster is a computer science graduate from George Mason University with two years of experience as a front-end development lead. With a passion for web development and js, Aster is an avid learner and problem-solver who prioritizes good coding practices and simple, functional web applications. He is skilled in UX/UI and likes keeping up with the latest web technologies.


Audrey Verginia

Audrey is a recent graduate from Washington State University where she earned her degree Summa Cum Laude. With a background in Sociology and a passion for creativity, Audrey is excited to join the HR team at Kalungi.

Content Specialist

Barnaby Bourton

Barnaby is a Content Specialist with over 6 years of experience. His passion for content
creation and marketing is what brought him here to Kalungi. Barnaby is highly curious— constantly looking to learn new skills and challenge himself in every project he works on.


Beatriz Amundaray

Marketing strategist specializing in list building. An INTJ and urban planner student, she uses her expertise in strategic planning and project management to get the best possible results. Ownership and leveling up together are her core values.


Brian Graf

Brian brings with him sales operations and marketing experience in the television advertising and media placement industries as well as an MBA from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.

Paid Media Specialist

Camila Garcia

Camila is a paid media strategist who integrates data-based approaches with strategic, big-picture campaign design. She enjoys designing programs that make an impact and always looks for opportunities to improve campaign performance and deliver exceptional results.


Camilo Diaz

Physics Ph.D candidate with extensive knowledge in advanced math, and science & tech enthusiast. An extremely passionate individual when it comes to analyzing and optimizing processes and methodologies. His structured and logical thinking contributes to managing technical aspects of marketing automation and CRM, used to generate, distribute, and report on leads

Content Marketing Specialist

Carleen Geisler

Carleen is a content specialist who comes from a varied background. She's worked in many aspects of content creation, including SEO, social media, technical writing, and more.

Associate CMO

Cecilia Pérez-Muskus

Eager and quick to learn, Cecilia joins Kalungi with the purpose of making her way in marketing as she builds bridges across her peers and clients. With a background in literary studies and arts management, she brings in her critical as well as creative thinking, a keen eye for detail, and her ability to work with dynamic multidisciplinary teams.

SEO Specialist

Cris S. Cubero

Cris is an SEO with a passion for auditing websites and a knack for identifying untapped opportunities for growth. When Cris isn’t busy tinkering with keywords and analyzing data, you can find her exploring new hobbies and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She is also a lifelong learner who enjoys taking on new challenges and staying on top of the latest marketing trends and techniques.


Erin Verginia

With over 25 years experience providing high-level support to multiple C-suite executives in Marketing and Finance, Erin supports all of Kalungi’s high-level administrative needs.


Fadi George

Fadi has been working to deliver strategic and tactical marketing for national and global brands with a proven formula for accelerated growth for B2B SaaS brands.

Graphic Designer

Felipe Aguilar

Felipe is a Graphic Designer with a background in brand design and video editing, passionate about creatively directing businesses to improve and innovate their brand presence for print and online media.


Gabriel Uzcategui

I'm from Merida, Venezuela, I've been working in Kalungi since last year and I've learned a few things about Marketing.One thing that passionates me is delivering high-quality work for the company and our clients, I love to learn new things and I really like to watch other co-workers who enjoy their job and try to master their skills


Grace Olson

Grace has over 15 years experience as an executive assistant. She enjoys supporting and learning from dynamic people and being part of a team. 


Hendrix Vargas

Hendrix's years of experience working as a multimedia specialist makes him a versatile designer who can efficiently utilize any tool to accomplish projects. Creating a design that translates any information to an intended audience creatively and effectively to inspire action or response from the viewers has been his core principle.


Jenibeth Perez

Jenibeth graduated as a Psychologist before starting working in Kalungi. Joining the ABM team last year, she focuses on delivering good results for the company and likes to learn new skills that could help optimize the work.


Jesus Goncalves

Formally trained as a data analyst, Jesus digs deep into the core of our performance metrics and analytics to gather insights on the strategic side of our marketing campaigns.

Web Development Specialist

Juan Diego Fernández B.

Juan is an enthusiastic web developer that loves crafting digital experiences with his two greatest passions: Art and technology. Strongly oriented to front-end, UI/UX and animations. The web has become humanity’s most powerful achievement, together we can make it better.


Karla González

Starting her career as a chemical engineer, she discovered that science was not her only passion. Through a bit of career exploration, first as an ESL teacher and then as a technical trainer, it was clear that working with people is one of her strongest skills.


Kati Keilty

Kati is a recent graduate from an IT college in Ireland. She is passionate about design and the strategic thinking behind it all. With dual degrees in Psychology and Graphic Design, she is always looking to bring people and brands closer together.


Linda Luu

She is a graphic designer who is passionate about branding and visual marketing communications. She strives to create meaningful, high-quality designs that spark conversation using the art of storytelling.


Luis Aguiar

With over a year of experience in data entry and processes, Luis strives to deliver the best quality in every project.


Martin Diaz

Computer science engineer, tech enthusiast and an extremely passionate individual when it comes to computer graphics and animations, Martin has been working and learning about web technologies for over 3 years with heavy focus on developing simple-to-use, functional and high quality code. 


Oyon Albornoz

Oyon is a former electronics engineer who served as the lead engineer for two of the biggest ISP in Latin America; he brings his management and automation expertise to the team, helping businesses grow revenue and streamlining our marketing operations.


Paviel Saldaña

Paviel is studying to be a Software Engineer. He enjoys the activities related to List Building and Lead Generation. He is persistent when challenges arise and does not rest until he solves them. Additionally, Paviel cares about the quality of the work he does and the work he presents for clients.


Pedro Scarsi

Pedro has 10 years of experience developing marketing strategies for B2C and B2B companies. He has developed projects for different departments such as human resources, marketing, sales, and communications for different companies in Latin America. Pedro sees the points that connect an idea and focuses his energy on moving forward


Silvia Parra

With a design thinking approach and a creative mindset, Silvia serves as Inbound Marketing Manager at Kalungi. She has experience managing dynamic marketing teams, developing digital content and products, and cultivating long-lasting synergistic relationships with her clients.


Sofia Valecillos

Sofia plays her role with the outbound team executing a wide variety of task focused on different engagements.


Stijn Hendrikse

Stijn led the global marketing of SMB, including launching Office 365, at Microsoft. He served as the CMO, CEO, and on the Board of Directors for many SaaS start-ups.


F. Vaughan Immerwahr

Vaughan endeavors to create palatable and well-informed material. He is excited to make a positive impact with his work and to continually expand and make effective use of his skills in and knowledge about marketing.


Xavier Uzcategui

Xavier spent seven years serving as the post-production coordinator for a local TV station in Venezuela. At the same time, he worked as a freelancer for independent documentaries and short films.


Yusuf Mahmoud

Yusuf is a data-driven marketer that questions “what everybody knows” and thinks outside the box. He has a background in customer service, sales, and marketing consulting.

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