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Strategy & Planning

7 B2B SaaS Marketing Best Practices

There are several SaaS marketing best practices you should consider to ensure a healthy pipeline and a good return. Here are our top 7.

Strategy & Planning

Creating an audience for B2B SaaS startups

How do you make informed, strategic decisions if you haven’t found your audience yet? Here are tips on how to uncover your audience...

Strategy & Planning

B2B SaaS marketing plan template for a SaaS CMO

Marketing is critical for B2B SaaS companies. Learn more about the marketing playbook and plan template designed for small B2B SaaS companies.

Strategy & Planning

ABM Basics: List Building

B2B companies turn to account-based marketing, or ABM, to grow their businesses and develop relationships with the right people at the right company....

Product Marketing

4 SaaS growth stages to achieve T2D3 growth

SaaS start-ups have a lot to accomplish in the early days of marketing and sales. Learn how to set your company up for long-term success...

Strategy & Planning

Building Your SaaS Marketing Budget

Forget about using a percentage of revenue to plan your SaaS marketing budget. It does not work for a fast-growing company. Here is a formula you can...

Strategy & Planning

How to kick off your first fractional CMO meeting

So you've just been hired as a fractional CMO -- congratulations! You're now on your way to deliver impeccable growth for the company. Here's how to...

Strategy & Planning

8 steps to choose your software company's name

Wondering how to choose a name for your software company? Use this eight-step guide to create a strong brand name that stands the test of time and...

Strategy & Planning

10 Books Every B2B SaaS CMO Should Read

10 books that should be mandatory reading for every B2B Software VP Marketing or B2B SaaS CMO of a B2B SaaS company, and the senior members of their...

Strategy & Planning

The cost of outsourcing your B2B SaaS marketing

Whether B2B SaaS companies don’t have the time to build their first in-house team or don’t want to invest in another marketing agency selling empty...

Strategy & Planning

Marketing OKR Tools for B2B SaaS CMOs

OKRs are critical to performance transparency and accountability within a marketing team. When it comes to establishing and tracking your OKRs,...

Strategy & Planning

How quick go-to-market experiments can help you

You can carry out your own quick go-to-market experiments following these steps. Make sure to time-box them appropriately to give yourself pivot...

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