Target your ideal buyers with Kalungi’s ABM services for B2B SaaS

Boost brand awareness, drive leads, test messaging, and more with account-based marketing (ABM). 

Welcome to a world where marketing is not just about reaching an audience; it's about connecting with the audience that matters most to your business at the right time and with the right message.

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“I would recommend Kalungi’s ABM program 100%. Other parts of the ABM for us were superb and exceptional with a capital E. I would absolutely recommend it. Absolutely 100% it is a game-changer. It is a before and after. That's unquestionable.”



“We needed to be revenue- and metrics-focused. The Kalungi model enabled us to have a single point of contact so the big-picture strategy could be sorted out and managed in a really fast, nimble, and effective way.”



“Kalungi has a playbook that outlines where you should be month by month on positioning and messaging, go-to-market strategies, inbound and outbound campaigns, website content, key performance indicators, and more. They gave us a plan to execute against, which was extremely valuable.”



Our ABM services are for…

B2B SaaS companies looking to open a new lead channel, test and improve their positioning and messaging, and reach out to their target audience directly.

Manually validated ABM contacts for SaaS marketing

Build your ABM campaigns on contact lists you can actually trust

Strong ABM starts with thorough and reliable contact information. Otherwise, you wasting time and resources on unqualified contacts, sending to invalid emails, and pairing leads with the wrong messaging. 

Kalungi’s list-building services guarantee complete, accurate data sets. After pulling contact data from trusted sources, our team meticulously validates each data point so you can launch your campaigns with confidence.

Manually validated ABM contacts for SaaS marketing
Persona and ICP-based ABM outreach

Send the right message to the right contact every time with comprehensive buyer personas

Using the jobs-to-be-done methodology, we delve beyond job titles to uncover user personas, influencers, and decision-makers. This provides you with a comprehensive view of your target accounts, empowering you to establish connections that foster relationships and drive conversions.

ABM positioning workshop

Make an impact on your audience with messaging that matters

Using the learnings from your custom go-to-market workshop, our team builds a messaging and positioning guide centered around your ideal buyers. All of your ABM content is grounded in that messaging so each email, social media message, and call are speaking to the pains and benefits your audience cares about.

ABM positioning workshop
Multi-channel ABM outreach

Meet your audience where they are

Make sure your message is reaching your audience wherever they are most active. With coordinated multichannel campaigns, our team will target your ideal audience through email, paid media, social, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of ABM for our business?

ABM allows you to focus your marketing efforts on high-value accounts, resulting in more personalized engagement, better conversion rates, and increased ROI.

What kind of content and messaging should we create for ABM?

ABM content should be highly personalized to address the specific pain points and needs of each target account. We'll tailor messages and assets accordingly.

How do we measure the success of our ABM campaign?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for ABM may include engagement metrics, pipeline growth, and revenue attribution. What success means may be very different between campaigns however, which is why we’ll work closely with you to deine the KPIs most important to your sales and leadership teams and use those to benchmark our performance.

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