SaaS CMO Tenure

Stijn Hendrikse ( discusses the average tenure of Chief Marketing Officers at SaaS companies, and how a CMO as a Service, or Interim CMO can be an alternative solution

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SaaS CMO Playbook

How the CMO for SaaS Service builds the first Marketing Team for B2B SaaS Companies by

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SaaS CMO Growth Stages

How to grow a SaaS Company? Stijn Hendrikse explains the 4 basic phases every SaaS Marketing VP or SaaS CMO needs to understand to be successful.

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The Changing Role of Marketing

Things are changing on the business landscape. In this webinar, we will discuss challenges CEOs face managing modern marketing.

• •Holding marketing teams accountable

• •Dealing with the chaos of digital, inbound, organic, SEO and other acronyms

• •Managing marketing “managers” and trusting them with your brand If you are struggling with the role of marketing and how to effectively implement the changing definition, this webinar is for you.

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