Best Video Ever On Building Momentum

Stijn Hendrikse
May 20, 2019

How you treat your first few customers is often the difference between success and failure for new technology companies.

I show this video to every Marketing team I lead. Usually in the first week.

Going from the "first lone nut" using your product, to getting product adoption by a crowd of happy customers is an art and a science.

Books like "Crossing the Chasm", the "Tipping Point" and the "Diffusion of Innovations" are a must read for every marketer. They explain the theories and mechanics behind technology marketing to build a new category or a new customer following. "Raving Fans" is another great book. 

This video, however, tells the other part of the story. In a few minutes.

It takes guts to be a category creator. It takes courage and perseverance to stick with a great idea and get better and stay excited until other people start to jump in.

See for yourself: 



To recap, what's the "job to be done" for each of your customers?

  • Customer #1: Be easy to follow. What they do has to be almost instructional. Help your first customer "show" others what they do.
  • Customer #2: Show everyone else how to follow. The first following customer turns the first customer into a leader.
  • Customer #3: From two lone nuts to a team of 3. Three is a crowd, and the crowd is news.

The next customers form the "tipping point". The customers that came before them have taken the biggest risk.


  • Nurture your first followers as equals. Make everything about the movement, not about your product or service
  • Be Public, be easy to follow
  • First followers are just as important, if not more important, as the first leader.
  • Again, make sure the public sees all three customers. They must see the "movement. These are your first public case studies, ideally in the form of video testimonials.

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