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Product Marketing Updated on: Jul 5, 2022

3 Ways to Make an Amazing Product Demo

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A great supplement to any inbound or outbound marketing campaign is a good product demo. This piece of content is not only critical to put in marketing collateral but it’s also phenomenal material for effective landing pages, closing clients, and for internal employee alignment. But what separates a phenomenal product demo from a forgettable one?

Create Good Content

When all is said and done, you should have about an hour of footage that gives a deep dive into your product, what its capabilities are, and how to use it. This should be mostly a screen share so that potential customers can get a hands-on feel for the product, throughout the video. This content length will also allow your marketing team or agency to create animated clips of the video that can be used in marketing collateral, on landing pages, or in the form of outbound, ABM campaigns. This will be valuable content for your marketing efforts, going forward.

Get a Great Presenter

An ideal candidate would be an experienced salesperson or customer success expert to lead the customer through the experience. These people will have done plenty of product demos before, so generally, there’s no need for a script, but more than that, they have experienced what customers need and want out of the product, as well as many frequently asked questions that customers have had.

Make a Great Story Arc

Third, you need a great story arc. When you’re mapping out your product demo, ask your presenter to share the “pain” that your product solves for, before demonstrating each “claim” that your product makes, and finally how the customer will “gain” by using your product. This story arc makes your product relatable to your viewers and, more importantly, makes it impactful by showing people exactly how your product can help them make their lives better.

Ideally, throughout this story arc, your presenter will be able to sprinkle in real customer examples, which will make your product more relatable and will make it more credible to your audience.

Completing these three things will take your product demo from one that people skip over, to one that hooks your audience and proves how your product can solve their problems, driving sales and ARR growth of your business.

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