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Product Marketing Manager Job Description

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This role owns the 5p's of Marketing on the team (Positioning, Price, Place, Promotion, People). With the rise of the "T-Shaped" Marketing Professional, some of these skills have gotten less popular. They are still very critical to your success. Research and insights. VOC. Product roadmap and competitive analysis. Promotions, up-sell campaigns, product launches. This person is most likely someone with an MBA background. You master the art of “Big M” marketing.

  •  Your own product strategy grounded in market insight and customer feedback. You study the competition, our customers and ourselves to optimize our Product-Market Fit.
  • Of all team members, you take the most strategic view. You look around the corner and anticipate what we need to be ready for. How do we create a pricing and positioning strategy that satisfies our current growth needs (share?) and future ambitions (revenue? profitability?)
  • You are the circus master of impressive product launches. While a “launch” may not be a single moment in time anymore, you own creating a rolling thunder of excitement and anticipation. You’re the anchor for the rest of the team to develop great content, PR, demand gen, and customer loyalty.
  • You have the pulse on the finger of our customers, users, and other product stakeholders. Your work is joined at the hip with the product management team, and you run with the marketing pieces like messaging, promotions, campaigns, branding and pricing.
  • Product marketing success means product revenue for you. Your work will lead to customers buying more, staying longer and being very happy with them all up the product value proposition. You deploy guerilla marketing tactics that were needed to get the word out and to challenge the status quo.

Your KPIs are Product Revenue, Customer Product Satisfaction, ARPU and Churn.

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