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B2B SaaS Marketing Snacks

A snack-sized marketing podcast for B2B SaaS company leaders

Short-form marketing strategies (the playbook), frameworks, and tactical advice (the plays) for CEOs, searchers, and marketing leaders of early-stage B2B software (SaaS) companies. Go from MVP to PMF, then scale fast.

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A marketing revenue waterfall model

OKRs for a marketing team

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Episode 9

How to use CAC together with the revenue waterfall model for revenue modeling, budgeting, and measuring marketing's impact on the bottom line.

Episode 8

What should you put on your marketing dashboard? How do make sure your dashboard is more than just “checking the box” and actually drives meaningful outcomes?

Episode 7

Before you get to product-market fit, you need to test your go to market hypotheses. Here's a 5-step framework to help you execute quick GTM tests.

Episode 6

Our quick-start rules for B2B content. Content marketing shouldn't be complicated. Start by simply answering your customers' questions, then work your way up through the buyer's journey.

Episode 5

Is it ever too early to invest in marketing? Sometimes. Ramp up your marketing efforts as soon as you have product-market fit (PMF). But how do you measure product-market fit?

Episode 4

CMOs get fired more than any other leadership role in the C-suite. Most of it comes down to misaligned expectations – here are the pitfalls for marketing leaders joining growing software companies.

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Episode 3

Before you can shift focus to a new market, you need to understand the differences between your current customer base and the one you want to have – and the implications it has for your company. 

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Episode 2

You just started as a marketing leader, how do you prioritize the marketing initiatives? First, do a gut check – clarify the status of your current marketing function. Then, ask how your marketing team can get closer to revenue.

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Episode 1

Welcome! This series is dedicated to helping you become an expert in marketing so you can grow your software company's revenues quickly and set the foundation for long term marketing growth.