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Demand Generation

SDR vs BDR: What are the differences?

Keep in mind that SDRs focus on inbound lead qualification and follow-up, whereas BDRs focus on outbound lead prospecting.

Marketing Leadership

Questions to ask a Chief Marketing Officer

Learn the right questions to ask when you're interviewing a potential chief marketing officer (CMO), what to look for in their responses, and why...

Strategy & Planning

What are Scrums and Sprints?

The Scrum framework offers flexibility and visibility to adapt to industry changes. Sprints make projects more manageable and encourage team...

Content Marketing

4 B2B SaaS Campaigns

Before targeting an audience, group of customers or prospects that have a need for the product, you should consider building the following campaigns...

Strategy & Planning

Confirming your B2B SaaS positioning and messaging

If you’re unsure where you stand with your SaaS positioning and messaging, check out these exercises to see if you’re on the right track or need some...

Product Marketing

The best SaaS pricing pages [2022]

The results are in—let's talk about what makes an effective SaaS pricing page, and the best SaaS pricing pages of 2022 (so far).

Strategy & Planning

How to create a great SaaS website design

This blog covers the basics on what makes a great SaaS website design. It breaks it down into two sections so it’s easy to read and digest.

Demand Generation

Optimizing your B2B SaaS sales funnel metrics

Selling in the market of B2B SaaS is no easy feat. Improve your SaaS sales funnel metrics with the right set of tools, processes, and analytical...

Strategy & Planning

Why SEO is a must-have for SaaS companies

SaaS SEO is the process of increasing organic traffic of a SaaS company website by ranking in top positions on the SERPs for relevant keywords.

Content Marketing

SaaS content creation: Writing and research

Coming up with a new and exciting SaaS content strategy is anything but easy. Learn how to marry SEO with thought leadership to strike the right...

Strategy & Planning

7 B2B SaaS marketing best practices

There are several SaaS marketing best practices you should consider to ensure a healthy pipeline and a good return. Here are our top 7.

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