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Strategy & Planning

8 steps to choose your software company's name

Wondering how to choose a name for your software company? Use this eight-step guide to create a strong brand name that stands the test of time and...

Strategy & Planning

10 Books Every B2B SaaS CMO Should Read

10 books that should be mandatory reading for every B2B Software VP Marketing or B2B SaaS CMO of a B2B SaaS company, and the senior members of their...

Strategy & Planning

The cost of outsourcing your B2B SaaS marketing

Whether B2B SaaS companies don’t have the time to build their first in-house team or don’t want to invest in another marketing agency selling empty...

Strategy & Planning

Marketing OKR Tools for B2B SaaS CMOs

OKRs are critical to performance transparency and accountability within a marketing team. When it comes to establishing and tracking your OKRs,...

Demand Generation

You cannot un-eat the fish (or un-qualify an MQL)

Once an MQL, always an MQL. Sales can tell Marketing leads are bad, and Marketing can improve quality. But you cannot 'uneat' the fish after tasting...

Strategy & Planning

How quick go-to-market experiments can help you

You can carry out your own quick go-to-market experiments following these steps. Make sure to time-box them appropriately to give yourself pivot...

Marketing Leadership

SaaS Marketing Best Practices: 4 Red Flags

Use our quick guide to detect the four common red flags of bad B2B SaaS marketing. Then, make sure you are subscribing to known best practices...

Content Marketing

The SaaS Sales & Marketing Acronym Bible

The SaaS world loves an acronym, so say hi to your new go-to SaaS sales & marketing acronym glossary for quick checks during your next standup.

Marketing Leadership

3 traits of an effective marketing leader

What are the key areas that define success or failure for a Marketing Leader? Here are the 3 superpowers that I have found to corelate with CMO...

Marketing Leadership

How to conduct a b2b marketing audit

Why should you audit your B2B marketing function? What’s the purpose? And what are the steps? What B2B marketing audit examples are available?

Content Marketing

4 steps to B2B SaaS content syndication

Syndicate your existing B2B or B2C content with 4 easy steps to increase your company's visibility, site traffic, and customer retention.

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