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Marketing Leadership Updated on: Mar 30, 2024

Top 13 B2B SaaS marketing agencies to look out for in 2024

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It’s a good time to be a B2B SaaS marketing agency

Now that the world has had to shift towards a remote mindset, organizations in all sectors and of all sizes have been adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to solve their pains. As we approach the end of the year, SaaS companies are expected to see continued growth into 2024 and beyond.

Internet access, globalization, and a more digital-savvy and software-dependent society seem to drive this SaaS growth streak.

In fact, we’ll also see steady growth over the next year. According to Finances Online, SaaS is projected to reach $947.3 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 16.3%. 

The need for effective SaaS marketing

Fast-paced growth requires top-quality marketing. As a newly funded SaaS company in a crowded space, there are endless possibilities followed by a lot of pressure to get it right and stand out.

You can’t achieve the growth you’re after without a solid marketing strategy to drive awareness and bring in leads, especially with shorter sales cycles. 

Not to mention, the best SaaS marketing is hard. People aren’t sold on products. They’re sold on solutions. This means you need to differentiate your product, messaging, marketing, and brand. Make sure you have an agency that will get you there. 

Choosing the best B2B SaaS marketing agency for your company can be difficult. Here are some key points you should consider:

    • Define your requirements - What are your short and long-term SaaS goals and objectives?
    • Determine what you need - Are you looking for full-service or specialty? If full-service, do you need inbound and outbound marketing? What about a fractional CMO?
    • Decide what you’re willing to pay – What’s your budget? Are you looking for a pay-for-performance model? 
    • Assess your team – What’s the current state of your marketing department? If you don't have any internal marketing support, using multiple agencies to accomplish your goals is often disjointed and inefficient. 
    • Review your tech stack – What technology are you willing (or not willing) to give up? 
    • Check the expertise - What level of experience and expertise are you after? Getting a SaaS product to market (and scale) takes a unique set of skills and knowledge. 
    • Fact check - What do the agency’s testimonials/case studies say about their work? 
    • Feel good - Do/will you feel good about your decision? 

B2B SaaS marketing agencies to look out for - Top 13 in 2024

1. Kalungi [full-service] 

Kalungi offers the only full-service, outsourced B2B SaaS marketing team with fractional CMOs and a pay-for-performance model that delivers results and scales with your needs.

Backed by decades of unrivaled experience and a proven B2B SaaS playbook, we specialize in the strategy, infrastructure, automation, branding, design, video, analyst relations, content creation, and marketing leadership needed for T2D3 growth. When you're ready, we'll even help you hire, onboard, and train your permanent in-house marketing team.

You can learn more about our full-service marketing model here.

best saas marketing agency - kalungi





Website | www.kalungi.com

Focus Area | Full-Service

Location | Seattle, WA  

Case Studies | Customer Testimonials

2. Inbound QLs [QL generation] 

InboundQLs was built from the ground up to specifically do one thing, and one thing well –get MQLs and SQLs for their clients. InboundQLs creates and manages client-paid media campaigns –resulting in industry-leading QL quality and volume. Platforms they work with include Google PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing. They also offer free audits and consultations for any existing campaigns.






Website | www.inboundqls.com

Focus Area | QL Generation

 Location | Rochester, MI

Case Study | Free Inbound Audit & Customer Video Testimonials

3. Refine Labs [demand generation] 

With a buyer-centric approach to Demand Generation that delivers powerful and consistent results across SaaS organizations, Refine Labs is an extension of your internal team for revenue growth, marketing innovation and thought leadership. They even offer a Revenue Engine Optimization formula to help B2B SaaS companies accelerate revenue growth with a focus on pipeline velocity.






Website | www.refinelabs.com

Focus Area | Demand Generation

 Location | Boston, MA

Case Study | $1.4MM New Pipeline Generated


4. Single Grain [SEO & PPC] 

Single Grain is a digital marketing agency that helps companies grow their revenues online with everything from designing high-impact marketing funnels to PPC campaigns. The company takes a holistic approach to marketing, integrating every aspect of brand building, PPC, SEO, Content, and Paid Social Ads for their clients. 






Website | www.singlegrain.com 

Focus Area | SEO & PPC

Location | Los Angeles, CA

Case Study | Increased Twenty20's customer acquisition 


5. Roketto [inbound marketing]

Roketto is a leading Canadian inbound marketing and web design agency that is always focused on their client's growth. Using an Inbound approach, they help B2B SaaS companies significantly scale their reach, profits and worth.






Website | www.helloroketto.com

Focus Area | Inbound Marketing 

Location | Kelowna, BC

Case Study | Speedy Search: Better ROI for Canada’s Leading Public Information Supplier


6. Bayleaf Digital [growth marketing]

Bay Leaf Digital is a growth marketing agency focused on growing awareness and strengthening pipelines of SaaS & tech companies. Their expertise spans across web analytics, SEO, PPC, and content marketing. With expertise in web analytics, SEO, PPC, and content marketing, they are passionate about helping their clients achieve their MRR and ARR goals.



Focus Area | Growth Marketing
Location | Bedford, TX


7. SimpleTiger [SEO & content]

SimpleTiger is a B2B SaaS-focused SEO & Content Marketing agency who is always focused on quality. The company focuses on SEO, keyword research, and growing traffic and increasing conversions through content strategy and promotion. 






Website | www.simpletiger.com

Focus Area | SEO & Content Marketing 

Location | Sarasota, FL

Case Study | ContractWorks: 258% Increase in Organic Traffic Over 12 Months 


8. Inturact [demand generation] 

Inturact is a tech-savvy, integrated marketing agency providing strategy, innovation, and the ability to execute on ideas.

Their focus is to align web marketing with sales objectives while using the latest technological solutions to expand reach, build brands, and increase their client’s revenue. The team covers B2B SaaS Growth Consulting, Product Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Web Design and Development, Content Marketing, and Data Analysis.



Focus Area | Demand Generation
Location | Houston, TX


9. Heinz Marketing [pipeline strategy]

Heinz Marketing brings a new adventure in the world of B2B sales and marketing. As strategic planners, data-driven marketers, and creative problem-solvers, their approach to Predictable Pipeline enables their clients to build immersive customer experiences, accelerate revenue, and create a predictable, profitable pipeline to grow and scale. 



Focus Area | Pipeline Strategy 
Location | Redmond, WA


10. Hey Digital [PPC & CRO]

HeyDigital grows SaaS & B2B tech companies with paid advertising and CRO, PPC, paid social and landing page design. The company scales key metrics such as free trials, leads, demo requests, webinar attendees and paid users by building out successful paid acquisition campaigns on both Facebook and Google. 



Website | www.heydigital.co 
Focus Area | PPC & CRO
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

11. Huemor [web design]

Huemor is a website design and development agency focused on adding value to B2C and B2B SaaS companies. They are focused on combining unique storytelling, web development, and design to create memorable digital products people love and elevate brands with superior user experience.



Focus Area | Web Design
Location | New York, NY 


12. SmartBug Media [inbound marketing] 

SmartBug Media is a globally recognized intelligent inbound marketing agency packed to the brim with experts in inbound strategy, design, content, web development, PR, sales enablement, and marketing automation. The company strives to deliver transparent communications from solid professionals that want what their clients want: to boost their revenue and grow their business. 






Website | www.smartbugmedia.com 

Focus Area | Inbound Marketing

Location | Newport Beach, CA

Case Study | SmartBug Helps Client Realize Incredible Growth w/ Inbound Marketing




13. Deviate Labs [growth marketing]

Founded by a Rocket Scientist and a Silicon Valley Investment Banker, Deviate Labs is a growth marketing consulting agency that has worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped startups to billion-dollar enterprises across every conceivable industry. Their clients range from "Shark Tank" startups and celebrities to billion-dollar enterprises. 






Website | www.deviatelabs.com 

Focus Area | Growth Marketing 

Location | Los Angeles, CA

Case Study | Testimonials



These top B2B SaaS marketing agencies are here to take care of your one-off items, drive growth, deliver results and scale with your needs. Even with a variety of different focus areas, this list does not even begin to cover a small fraction of what’s available now. 

All in all, we understand that hiring an agency is a big step, so be sure to do your research and make the right decision for your company. We recommend choosing an agency that holds themselves accountable for results, so you only pay for performance and get the best SaaS marketing possible. 

If you’re still hesitant or unsure on how to outsource your growth to a B2B SaaS marketing agency, read our blog here. And if you have any questions about how to choose or hire the best B2B SaaS agency, reach out to us at contact@kalungi.com

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Frequently asked questions for finding the right B2B SaaS marketing agency

How important is B2B SaaS industry experience for a marketing agency?

Experience in the B2B SaaS industry is crucial when choosing a marketing agency for your B2B SaaS company. Agencies with experience in this industry will have a better understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing B2B SaaS products.

Should I choose a specialized marketing agency or a full-service agency?

The answer to this question depends on your specific needs as a company. If you have a specific area of marketing that you need help with, such as SEO or social media, it may be beneficial to choose a specialized agency. However, if you need help with multiple areas of marketing, a full-service agency may be a better fit.

How important is communication when working with a marketing agency?

Communication is extremely important when working with a marketing agency. You need to make sure that the agency understands your goals and can communicate their strategies and progress effectively. Additionally, you want to ensure that you have open lines of communication so that you can provide feedback and ask questions as needed.

How much should I expect to pay for a marketing agency?

The cost of a marketing agency can vary depending on several factors, including the agency's experience and reputation, the scope of the project, and the services needed. It's important to discuss pricing with potential agencies upfront to ensure you get a fair price for the services provided.

What should I look for in a marketing agency's approach to marketing?

When choosing a marketing agency, you should look for an agency that takes a data-driven approach to marketing. This means that they use data and analytics to inform their strategies and make data-backed decisions. Additionally, you want an agency that can tailor their approach to your specific needs as a B2B SaaS company.

How can I ensure that a marketing agency is a good fit for my company's culture?

To ensure that a marketing agency is a good fit for your company's culture, it's important to ask questions about their communication style and work process. Additionally, you may want to request references from past clients to get a better idea of their working style and whether it aligns with your company's values and culture.

What are some important questions to ask a potential marketing agency?

There are several questions you should consider asking a potential agency to choose the one that best fits your specific needs:

  • How will you understand our needs?
  • Do you have experience with companies like ours?
  • How do you plan to do things differently?
  • Can I see some examples of your previous work?
  • When have you failed?
  • How long until we see results?
  • How will you measure success?
  • How do you bill for services? 

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