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99 Ideas For Your Blog (Or...)

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It does not really matter if you need to generate ideas for blog articles, product names or your next startup endeavor. The tricks to force your mind to be creative and productive are similar.

Over the years I've learned to use a set of "tools" to find things like:

  • Keywords Prospects are searching for
  • Logos to create for a brand
  • Ideas for content articles
  • Names for products or features

Here is my list of "Tricks":

  1. Panic - We perform best under pressure, so try to artificially recreate the “fight or flight” response.  Challenge stressors are great for generating ideas. Give yourself 10 minutes to write 10 slogans (and make it even harder by using the word “zebra” in each one).
  2. Switch Hands - Now we activate the right side of your brain – the creative side. This is a free-writing exercise, where you try to write words/names/concepts as quickly as you can.
  3. Draw - Build on the two previous steps by drawing pictures of the ideas you wrote down.
  4. Race to 100 - Now write down at least 100 ideas

Finally, consider going for a run - Invariably, some of our best ideas come to us when we’re in the shower. Or on a walk. Or sleeping. Basically when we’re doing anything other than working. Let these thoughts take flight, but take notes! Always carry a little notepad and pen with you, or have a note app on your phone where you can type in ideas you get while jogging. Our brain has a tendency to suddenly wake up when it’s not occupied with problem-solving. If you’re not a fan of typing, give yourself a call and leave a voicemail. It may feel silly at first, but eventually, you will have a stockpile of useful, right-brain ideas to pull from any time you’re in a creative drought.

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