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Strategy & Planning Updated on: Oct 11, 2023

B2B SaaS marketing plan template for a SaaS CMO

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Every chief marketing officer knows the importance of a marketing playbook to start, scale, and profit. The tricky part is finding the right fit for your SaaS company. 

At Kalungi, we use our proven SaaS GTM playbook, a complete marketing plan template, to help our clients grow and profit. In this blog, you’ll learn about:

  • What the SaaS GTM playbook is
  • Who can use our growth plan templates
  • The four stages of SaaS growth

What is the SaaS marketing playbook?

Put simply, the Kalungi playbook is a robust 6-month marketing blueprint with guides, templates, and examples for building your marketing function at scale. It’s tailored specifically for B2B SaaS companies looking to grow their marketing function. 

If you have a young, small marketing team, you’ll inevitably stumble across a few roadblocks:

1. Team experience

For most SaaS startups, you can’t afford expensive CMOs and tenured marketing staff. Yet for teams with little experience, they probably don’t know what tasks to prioritize and complete. How do you set the foundation for your future marketing efforts? What should you be doing in month one vs. month six? Our B2B SaaS marketing template includes cards and checklists for each and every step of your marketing journey, from day one to day 160.

2. Educating your team

Team education turns into an “on-the-job” approach when you are balancing your business and marketing growth. The playbook includes educational resources and guides within every task and project, so your team can gain the knowledge and how-to as they’re working.

3. Project management

When your SaaS company starts to profit and scale, keeping track of the different moving parts within your marketing function gets overwhelming. With the SaaS GTM Trello board, you can monitor task completion, improve accountability, and get a bird’s eye view of long-term and short-term progress. 

We use the same exact SaaS marketing playbook for our clients for the past two years, and they can attest to its effectiveness. With the template, you’ll be able to accomplish in six months something that could easily take years. 

Establishing a good marketing foundation is key to success. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself backtracking and patching holes in the future. It’s worth doing right (the first time) so you can move forward with confidence and focus on optimizing your inbound and outbound funnels. 

Who is the SaaS marketing strategy playbook for?

Our marketing playbook was designed to help B2B SaaS companies with annual recurring revenue (ARR) between $500K and $10M. 

However, all SaaS companies (regardless of size) can use these tactics and strategies to further promote growth, customer retention, and market share. Clients of all sizes use the playbook because it is a comprehensive approach that includes laying the right marketing foundation, and big-picture optimization. 

Still, the SaaS GTM playbook is good for well-established SaaS companies with over $10M ARR that want to pivot into a new market, launch a new product, or double down into their existing markets. 

Whatever stage of maturity your company is in, the end goal is to help your SaaS marketing function follow the four steps of growth: coach, start, scale, and profit.

The four levels of SaaS company growth

1. Coach

The coaching phase is for anyone without a senior marketing leader (or marketing team at all). We’ll show you how to use the playbook, answer your questions, and provide guidance as you train your internal marketing team. To learn more about Fractional CMO services, read this blog. 

2. Start

If you have less than five people on your marketing team, we recommend using the six-month playbook on Trello. You can use a combination of our marketing services to establish product-market fit (PMF) and generate marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). We aim for consistency and a sustainable MQL flow. 

3. Scale

Once you have the foundations of your marketing function in place—including 5-10 people on your marketing team—we work together to multiply your ARR year over year. The goal is to triple your revenue for two years, then double it for the next three years (T2D3 growth). We’ll help you grow the average revenue per customer, reduce churn, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

4. Profit

When you’ve scaled and grown your marketing team to 10+ people, growth typically slows down. Now, it’s time to increase profits and optimize your spending to make up for the slow growth. At Kalungi, we help our clients in this stage optimize their marketing and conversion rates across account-based marketing, website content, digital marketing, and more. 

We focus on critical SaaS financial and marketing KPIs, in addition to honing in on your serviceable obtainable market (SOM) because they’re the easiest for your company to service.

Leaders who saw success with the SaaS marketing playbook

As we mentioned, our strategy playbook has proven success. Jordi Plana, CEO of Beezy, had this to say about the SaaS marketing plan template: “They have a playbook that outlines where you should be month by month. They gave us a plan to execute against, which was extremely valuable.”

Read more about Beezy’s success with the playbook before you download the template.

Get the playbook—and the team that comes with it

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