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“Kalungi has a recipe booklet, if you will, for what a company like ours needs to do, and in what sequence, to define our brand and bring products to market. This was huge. Equally important were his marketing resources that we could draw upon with his team at Kalungi. And his willingness to mentor and bring up to steam our in-house marketing people.”

Stanton Jandrell - CEO, Fraxion
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“I quickly realized that, wow, I don’t have a marketing person I can count on. I didn’t have the time or expertise to undertake the marketing function myself. So bringing in someone that had done it before was important. Today we have a much more disciplined process around gathering data, creating content, driving and measuring demand, and then holding people accountable,”

Greg Clock - CEO, Stave
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“We interviewed several digital agencies with a great deal of experience in bringing retail and commercial packaged goods to market, but no one had the depth of experience in the software-as-a-service and product marketing categories we needed.”

Matt Redlon - CEO, Clario
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"I’ve encouraged a number of other companies to work with Kalungi. We had nothing and have built something that’s great, a sophisticated marketing engine. I had high confidence the Kalungi's SaaS marketing team could do that and I didn’t have to worry about it. That was a huge load off me."

Rob Southern, CEO, Ascend Software

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Building your marketing foundation

Getting your business to the next level is all about hitting the right groove. From starting up your business to scaling it to the top, we offer a variety of specialized B2B marketing services for software companies, and packages that provide results fast.

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The three stages of SaaS growth


$1M–$10M ARR
Start SaaS marketing

Get your company to product-market fit, build your first marketing team, and lay the foundation for growth.

Build the foundation


$10M–$100M ARR
Scaling your SaaS company

Drive exponential T2D3 growth, scale your marketing team and level up your marketing functions.

Grow your team


$100M+ ARR
Profitable SaaS marketing

Explore new verticals, diversify your marketing channels and optimize costs-to-service.

Grow ARR

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