Demand Generation

23 Questions To Ask Sales To Build Your Demand Generation Plan

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  1. Articulate the use case that defines the ideal prospect who values our solution?
  2. What changes do prospects communicate to us that motivate them to act?
  3. Where do account executives get insights to have value-add customer conversations?
  4. Who is our first meeting with? Who is our initial point of contact?
  5. How do we succeed gaining access to the initial point of contact?
  6. What is the title/role of the Business Decision Maker (BDM)?
  7. What is the value proposition statement (strategic) that resonates with the BDM?
  8. What is the title/role of the Influencer or Recommender (advocate for a solution)?
  9. What value proposition statement (job-to-be-done) resonates with the Influencer
  10. Who are the competitors we have to win against most frequently?
  11. Who are the competitors we lose to most frequently?
  12. What sales tactics are most effective in advancing opportunities in the funnel?
  13. Which 3rd parties (analysts, publications, influencers) impact prospect decisions?
  14. What are the key trends in our industry that prospects are trying to respond to?
  15. What publications or websites use our prospects for industry/topical information?
  16. What blogs do your top prospects read?
  17. What are the top 3 conferences in each of our industries?
  18. Who are the top 10 “dream” accounts you want to win this upcoming quarter?
  19. How many cold calls a week do you expect our reps to make?
  20. How often do you expect our reps to prospect into accounts via email (vs. a call)?
  21. What account intelligence do you expect our reps to do prior to the first meeting?
  22. How many times do you expect your account reps to follow-up on each lead?
  23. What is our best source of leads? And second, and third best?

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