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6 Steps To Improve Your Website, Content And Campaigns All At Once

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When a small software company starts to get its story straight, the foundation is going to make all the difference. Here’s my proven 6 step approach. You can do all these in a few days if you focus. And it will really have an impact.

  1. Involve the Team - Your small team should help you with input. Here’s a very simple survey to quickly get the complete team’s input on branding, messaging and positioning.
  2. Get close to the Customers - One more quick survey, now laser-focused on the sales team, CEO and other customer-facing roles. This is about uncovering what we hear and learn as we interact with prospects and customers.
  3. Talk with Customers – Make sure to talk to a few customers. Simple 45 min zoom calls are enough. Here is a simple guide with questions to guide your conversation to get great input for messaging, positioning and probably a few quotes.
  4. Document the Journey – Write down the questions your prospects and customers are asking as they try to find solutions, compare alternatives, and make up their minds to give you their money or buy more from you. What questions do they need answers to, if they need to consider us, select us and stay with us? Here are content types to consider to help your audience along the journey.
  5. Build a Messaging Framework – Here is a template. Let’s start filling it in with the input from the previous 4.
  6. Complete a Content Plan – Now turn all the above into the content you need to drive awareness, conversion, credibility, and customer wins. Use the insights to create your pitch deck, intro email, website content, on-boarding emails, webinars, blogs, white-papers, videos and customer testimonials that are meaning-full and will have an impact. Here is a content calendar template to capture your plan. Here are the various types you need.

After you’ve done these 6 things, you’re ready to either hire or contract your first Content Marketer.

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