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Content Marketing Updated on: May 21, 2021

5 Steps To Start With SEO for beginners

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital element to inbound marketing.

Use these five steps to get your B2B SaaS SEO friendly blog up and running with your content creation and website strategy: 

  1. Get a Seed Keyword that is NOT generated by a tool. Step in the shoes of your customer and really think about what the ideal customer would type into Google.
  2. Plug the KW into a tool that helps you find good "long tail" Keyword combinations. My new favorite is the Semrush Keyword Magic tool. It's in beta, and it's great. It helps you expand your Keyword with specific verbs/words that allow you to get great combinations (turning "loyalty software" into "best loyalty software" or "loyalty software reviews" for example). Use this tool to generate at least 100+ KW combos that you really think could indicate prospects that you want.
  3. Now use the KW Difficulty rating and competitive index, to find some KW combos that have some volume (don't go after the large once early, just pick some with volumes <50). Pick 5 that is going to be your first priority.
  4. For these 5 Keywords, build 5 small pieces of content that really help people who search for these answers a question, or support them in making a decision. Make sure to use the keyword phrase you want to focus on in the URL (it's ok if the URL is long), in the page title, the page description, and any metadata for pictures or videos on the page (ideally you create a video for each Keyword combo, even a simple video will do, and transcribe the audio and post it with the video and the metadata).
  5. Before you hit "Publish", find at least 5 people who like the content and confirm they would share it with someone else if they found this. Test if they are actually interested enough to read the page (and not "bounce off". If you don't pass this test, go back to the drawing board before you hit publish. Your content needs to be relevant to your audience. If you pass, press "Publish" and amplify your content.

If you do the above, don't cut corners (don't try to start with high-volume keywords, they come later), and create actually good content, Google will start rewarding you with high search rankings. This is the only trick that sometimes works.

If you need topics to write about, here are some ideas:

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