Stijn Hendrikse

After 15 years of experience in the Software Marketing Industry, Stijn adopted the SaaS model to launch Kalungi, a marketing agency that specializes in assisting B2B SaaS companies.

Stories by Stijn

Content Marketing

4 B2B SaaS Campaigns

Before targeting an audience, group of customers or prospects that have a need for the product, you should consider building the following campaigns...

Content Marketing

Free SaaS messaging framework template

Our SaaS messaging framework template strikes a balance between completeness and simplicity. Learn how to deliver the right messages to the right...

Strategy & Planning

Building your SaaS marketing budget

Forget about using a percentage of revenue to plan your SaaS marketing budget. It does not work for a fast-growing company. Here is a formula you can...

Content Marketing

Why SaaS startups shouldn't do SEO

Don't have your SaaS startup marketing agency focus on SEO. Your content will have more impact if you blog and just answer your audience's questions.

Content Marketing

A guide to SEO for CEOs in SaaS

SEO is essential for gaining visibility. Learn what matters most when it comes to SEO for CEOs in B2B SaaS and how to increase online presence.

Strategy & Planning

The cost of outsourcing your B2B SaaS marketing

Whether B2B SaaS companies don’t have the time to build their first in-house team or don’t want to invest in another marketing agency selling empty...

Strategy & Planning

Marketing OKR tools for B2B SaaS CMOs

OKRs are critical to performance transparency and accountability within a marketing team. When it comes to establishing and tracking your OKRs,...

Demand Generation

You cannot un-eat the fish (or un-qualify an MQL)

Once an MQL, always an MQL. Sales can tell Marketing leads are bad, and Marketing can improve quality. But you cannot 'uneat' the fish after tasting...

Marketing Leadership

3 traits of an effective marketing leader

What are the key areas that define success or failure for a Marketing Leader? Here are the 3 superpowers that I have found to corelate with CMO...

Marketing Leadership

How to conduct a B2B marketing audit

Why should you audit your B2B marketing function? What’s the purpose? And what are the steps? What B2B marketing audit examples are available?

Strategy & Planning

How to write compelling SaaS Messaging

The framework for the marketing journey is about why people should change, why with you, and why now. So how do you communicate why someone should...

Strategy & Planning

4 B2B SaaS growth strategies

Planning a SaaS growth strategy can help you establish your future marketing plan, budget and hiring needs. Let's cover four SaaS growth...

Channel Marketing

3 reasons to use channel partners for SaaS GTM

One of the first things we think about at Kalungi is how to go-to-market with our SaaS clients, and if we need channel partners. So how do you know...

Strategy & Planning

Top 10 B2B SaaS metrics for software companies

Here are the easy-to-track, most important B2B SaaS metrics for marketing and sales. Start tracking from day one, even if the data is incomplete.

Strategy & Planning

How to report your B2B SaaS Marketing progress

When managing to outcomes and performance, you need a dashboard. What’s happening today, what happened in the past, and how does this predict the...

Strategy & Planning

No more trade shows. Now what?

Many B2B SaaS companies still rely on events to drive their commercial funnel. Here are 9 ideas to help you shift focus and resources from events to...

Strategy & Planning

Segmentation strategies for B2B SaaS growth

Whether you're a young company or an industry veteran, knowing your target market is key to success. Use these 4 B2B segmentation approaches for...

Strategy & Planning

Getting a trademark: What you need to know

Many new B2B SaaS Companies forget to register their trademarks for their logos, product- and service names. This blog will help you know what to...

Strategy & Planning

5 steps to Go-To-Market focus

Growing a company is all about focus. Find the niche you can nail and lock the plan to climb the hill, using this formula to go from TAM to SAM to...

Demand Generation

How to manage Cost per Lead?

Learn how to manage the cost per lead for your B2B SaaS company here

Strategy & Planning

Why Unlimited PTO works

Learn why unlimited PTO will work for your B2B SaaS company here.

Demand Generation

Leads: Use them or lose them

When should B2B SaaS opportunities and leads go back into the nurture pool and get a new owner? Read here to find out.

Strategy & Planning

What to pay for a SaaS CMO?

Figuring out what the cost of your SaaS CMO should be is an important first step. Find out how to balance your budget and while getting experience...

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