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Content Marketing Updated on: Jan 30, 2020

10 Steps To Help Your Organic Traffic Grow Exponentially

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Getting high-quality demand generation from content and organic search optimization is no longer a volume game. It's all about adding real value and end-to-end funnel discipline.

After you start to rank for a few keywords that bring you relevant prospects, it's time to do the hard work of scaling this small audience and turning it into a wildfire of organic growth.

Here's how:

  1. Rank the top ten pages that get most unique visitors from "unbranded" search terms (these are basically people who did not know you before)
  2. Find the top 2-3 Keyword Phrases that are driving the traffic to these pages

Now the most important work. Optimize the follow up so that these visitors help drive up your keyword rankings.

  1. Based on the keyword phrase, who do we think lands here? (what persona?)
  2. Where are they in their journey? What are they trying to do? (your best guess)
  3. What do they want? What would they value?
  4. What can you offer immediately when they land on your page that's valuable? (a piece of insight? valuable data?). What can you provide right away, on the Landing Page free?
  5. Next: What can we offer in exchange for their info? Can we offer a free assessment? Or a detailed report? Or a free giveaway? What is the next step that we can promise that we think they will really want?
  6. How do we make sure we can test variations of the above 5 steps? How do we keep testing to optimize conversion?
  7. Do we want to add a pop-up on-page to drive specific conversions? Is that appropriate for our offer?
  8. Review daily on how you can improve the conversion of the traffic on these pages. Once you start improving, Google will likely "reward" you with more search traffic, and the flywheel will start spinning.

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