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3 Steps To "Seed" Your Keyword Research

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Don't start by using a tool. Not yet. Most tools are based on Google data. Google is not always going to give you the best data. They are going to give you the data that's best for them (to sell more ads for example).

You should know your customers best. This is how to test that knowledge.

  1. Know your customers by knowing what they search for - Write down the 5 search phrases that you think your ideal customer is most likely do type into google. Ask your team to do the same. Don't bother about search volume. Don't use a tool. Use common sense. These search queries could look like this:
    1. How to implement a loyalty software program?
    2. Best loyalty software solutions
    3. Free loyalty software
    4. How to improve customer loyalty
    5. Top loyalty software vendors
  2. Who is your competition?
    1. Who do you lose customers to?
    2. Who do your prospects tell you they are considering?
    3. Consider what your competition is writing about - What's their most popular content online? (here you can use a tool like SEMrush to see where their non-branded organic traffic comes from).
    4. How do your competitors position themselves? What content is there on their website that could be good as a search phrase to target?
  3. Ask your customers
    1. Ask your sales team, support engineers or customer success managers to ask customers directly what they were looking for when they were looking for a solution.
    2. Reward every new unique search query that your team gets from an actual prospect or customer with a $10 Starbucks card. This is very valuable.

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