Stijn Hendrikse

After 15 years of experience in the Software Marketing Industry, Stijn adopted the SaaS model to launch Kalungi, a marketing agency that specializes in assisting B2B SaaS companies.

Stories by Stijn

Product Marketing

What's Your Best And Only?

To improve your messaging and positioning, just ask two questions to everyone in your team, every day. Then make sure the answers get used every day.

Strategy & Planning

5 Key marketing due diligence questions

When reviewing the health of a SaaS Company, asking these 5 questions can help to get to the bottom of understanding your funnel.

Strategy & Planning

Stop, Start, Continue...or...?

Stopping what's not working is sometimes needed. It's often an easy way out from finishing the work though. Don't let it be that.

Product Marketing

Your pitch deck is a hook

Don't over complicate an investor pitch. You need to capture their imagination, interest and passion. Confidence, Enthusiasm and Credibility are key.

Strategy & Planning

Fear, Greed, Peer Lending and Machine Learning

Whether you're having some fun in Las Vegas, or investing your life savings in the stock market, they both share the common emotions of Fear and...

Demand Generation

Eat Your Own Dog Food

Don't dare to deploy your software before you have used it yourself. Not just test it. Use it. Make sure your investors have used it.

Channel Marketing

Going cold turkey on PPC. The time is now.

Should you never allow your team to spend budget on PPC advertising? Or to commission external writers to build content? Never say never.

Demand Generation

Keep Your Friends Close, Your Investors Closer

Never delay the communication of bad results, setbacks or surprises. Share the good, the bad and the ugly with the investors that own the company.

Content Marketing

Write for people, not for Google algorithms

Too often does content production turns into a game of beating the search engine, instead of being super relevant for your intended audience.

Content Marketing

How to build a content factory

You realize that content is king, but where do you start? It's actually not hard to create genuine, unique, great content at scale, and do it fast.

Content Marketing

Are you a good neighbor or a noisemaker?

Marketing tools can help you create more noise and help you listen to your customers and understand market trends. 

Demand Generation

Does Anyone Want My Money?

This blog is about how we just have to make it easy for people to give us their money, and provide them great customer service, to grow our business.

Content Marketing

What's your shortcut to credibility?

It’s hard to build a name when you’re brand new. You don’t have much. You do have your first customer, or maybe even a few of them. That's all you...

Content Marketing

Content is king

Content is King. Every Startup Executive should be a Publisher. Write. Revise. Edit. Publish. Learn. 

Product Marketing

Why You Should Stop Your PPC Ads and Campaigns

Paid Advertising is not just bad in isolation. It provides an excuse for the marketing team to not do great content marketing and digital marketing...

Content Marketing

Your SaaS website is a serving table

Your B2B SaaS website is one of the most important pieces of your tech startup. Don't outsource it. If you cannot spend much time or money on it keep...

Demand Generation

Demand generation is dead

Demand is not ~generated~ any longer. You generate interest by being interesting. Relevance is what will make you stand out.

Demand Generation

Marketing execution, or driving a car

Metrics, Dashboards, Scrum meetings and To-Do lists. There are tons of tools to help you get stuff done these days. Here is an overview of using them.

Strategy & Planning

On Reputation and Going to Parties

Reputations. How you build them as a new company and making sure to not screw your reputation up early. Build it carefully, one happy fan at the time.

Content Marketing

Unleash Your Creativity. And Zebras.

Tips and tricks to unleash the creative juices in your brain. Connecting left and right with practical exercises that really work

Content Marketing

Staying relevant in the jungle

Be Relevant to the Audience that's Relevant to you. Figure out who you care most about, where they go for information, and what their painpoints are.

Strategy & Planning

Hire generation Y, Z, and whatever comes next

How and why to hire young college graduates for your most important jobs. On the T-shape marketer, millennials and their younger cousins.

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