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You Can’t Skip 2nd Base Growing Your B2B SaaS Business

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While the pace can differ, the sequence of major milestones in the SaaS Growth Journey is always going to be the same. Shortcuts usually will cost you.

I've seen companies try to skip a real "Product Market Fit" (PMF) focus. You need customers who don't just pay but also stay. Jumping from MVP to Revenue, or worse, Profit usually does not end well and just drive team and shareholder frustration.

1st Base - Customer Satisfaction (MVP or MMP, take your pick, customers voting with their time)

2nd Base - Market Share (PMF, customers voting with their wallets)

3rd Base - Revenue (Sustainable ARR Growth by lowering churn and growing ARPU)

Home Plate -  Profit (LTV>CAC+Cost to Service)

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