A SaaS CEO on Pivoting to what actually worked

Stijn Hendrikse
Jul 23, 2019

Working with Olin Hyde and his team at LeadCrunch, we went deep into two questions:

  • What's it for?
  • Who's it for?

Hear from the CEO where this journey took us...

Since LeadCrunch's target audience are CMOs I felt very comfortable playing devil's advocate and challenging them to create real value for Marketing Leaders who often just want more high quality leads with the least amount of friction, and a result that is measurable in revenue, not just arbitrary funnel statistics. 

Olin and Sanjit, his co-founder, were incredible in turning their company from "just another" AI list provider to an end-to-end solution that really solves the challenges of a modern Chief Marketing Officer.

The video is a bit promotional. I hope it still provides some value and allows you to relate to another SaaS CEO who was not afraid to change course to get their product right for their customers.

Kalungi Testimonial


More info at https://www.leadcrunch.com/

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