3 ways to grow Channel Marketing Outcomes

Stijn Hendrikse
Jul 18, 2019

Reach - Get more partners to be actively selling your service

Build a "to-partner" marketing program with a value proposition, targeting criteria, an awareness-conversion-signup funnel and dashboard.

Implement a dedicated partner recruiting function, to find, contact, nurture, and sign up the right channel partners.

Frequency - Increase the average number of deals a partner sells per month

Create partner testimonials to use to convince your other partners to care.

Build a partner program with education, support, and incentives to train their team, and make it profitable and easy to sell, implement and support your product.

Yield - Maximize the average deal size of opportunities coming from your channel

Train your partners' sales teams on your sales best practices and your value proposition. Help them drive up-sell and high revenue per customer.

Implement a thru partner marketing program that complements their strengths, and drives them to invest together with you in driving demand.

Be aware of what your partners need most to grow your business together. Each of these 3 areas can help. Ideally, they are done in parallel, but often one of them needs the most attention.

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