triValence achieves refined marketing with Kalungi coaching

Healthcare supply procurement and payment platform triValence had the product and the marketing team to ramp up growth, but needed the industry expert guidance to get them on the right track. A coaching engagement with Kalungi was a perfect fit.


6 months

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Content marketing

Search engine optimization

Account-based marketing

Marketing automation

Messaging & positioning

ICP development


GTM strategy

OKR implementation

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Don't just take our word for it

“Getting coaching from Kalungi has been really beneficial to me and the set us up for even more success.”

triValence offers a transformational solution for healthcare professionals, enabling them to order supplies, automate purchase orders and invoices, resolve discrepancies, and pay in one simple, streamlined platform. With a rare combination of both healthcare and fintech expertise, triValence brings innovation to their customers via a powerful and intuitive technology solution made for healthcare professionals, by healthcare professionals.

When triValence hired a new marketing team, they turned to Kalungi coaching to help them get up and running.

Finding a starting point.

“Coming into this position new, I was a bit overwhelmed,” explained Mark Ciammarra, triValence’s Chief Marketing Officer. Though he brought a strong marketing background, it was not in B2B SaaS. He was looking for guidance that would marry all that he already knew with specific knowledge to help him continue his journey forward with triValence. “I needed a starting point, and I needed a path, and I wanted to make sure I was checking the boxes as I was moving down that path,” he said of his experience finding a starting point with Kalungi’s coaching program.

He wanted something that would be manageable and specific to the needs of triValence: a program that could respect the combined experiences of their current marketing team and guide them forward into new territory. “This kind of brings it all together for me,” Mark said of Kalungi’s coaching program.

Strengthening the team’s knowledge.

With a small team, it was important to triValence that a coaching relationship was adaptable to the various experiences and prior knowledge already present. For some team members, Mark spoke of how Kalungi’s coaching program “validated a lot of what they’d already been doing,” while for others, the system “really strengthened their knowledge base around marketing.”

Kalungi seamlessly steps in for additional support when the team needs it, unafraid to research further in order to help triValence push the envelope. Mark spoke highly of coach Brian Graf’s comfort with providing additional research. “He’ll give me what he can off the top of his head, and if he doesn’t have it available right away, he gets me what I need quickly,” Mark said, “I find it very valuable. He’s really easy to work with.”

Flexible marketing guidance

triValence experienced troubles in determining how new customers could find them. “A lot of it is word of mouth. It's viral. ASCs will hire IT consultants who are pushing a product,” he explained. And when discussing how Kalungi helped him to tackle this problem, he said: “It's kind of this hybrid model that we're trying to work on where it's a little bit old school—boots on the ground—meets new school in the digital world.”

With Kalungi’s coaching, triValence was able to flag these concerns and move forward with a plan on how to tackle them. “It brings together my old world of selling into one market and being able to translate that to this newer market and then scaling it either down or up based on the situation,” said Mark.

“Getting coaching from Kalungi has been really beneficial to me and the team,” he said when asked to give his final thoughts on his experience with Kalungi, “it set us up for even more success.”

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