5 SaaS Marketing ARR Growth Drivers

Stijn Hendrikse
Jul 19, 2019

Annual price increases

Most companies I work with are uncomfortable raising prices. When they do, they’re often surprised that it does not impact sales volume at all. Make sure to also improve your product all the time.

Growth Hacking

Implement mechanisms into your product that allow a flywheel effect. Drive increased usage of capacity or features that lead to up-sell. Include various ways for your users to refer to others.

No discounts

For a SaaS company, the Life Time Value of your customer is the holy grail. A one time discount is maybe OK (best to make this a Try/Buy program) but stay away from discounts on your subscription. Best case you’ll get customers who you don’t want anyway because they will churn at some point.

Pick the right Try/Buy period

The trial period should be enough to drive onboarding and for your customers to experience the value of the service. Lengthening the period beyond this will just allow people to procrastinate to use it and will allow you to not hurry up providing great onboarding.

Drive annual commitments

Once your clients have made it through your trial period, they are usually comfortable paying for a year ahead. No need to provide a steep discount. 5% is enough.

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