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Brian Graf

A strategic marketing leader who has managed teams in a diverse range of industries and company sizes, Brian combines high-level strategy, tactical execution, and business leadership expertise to build and scale marketing departments for long-term growth.

Brian has successfully led clients in all aspects of marketing growth, from positioning and messaging to event support, product announcements, and channel-spend optimizations, generating qualified leads and brand awareness for clients while prioritizing ROI.

Before Kalungi, Brian worked in television advertising, specializing in business intelligence and campaign optimization, and earned his MBA at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business with a focus in finance and marketing.

Brian Graf
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Average MQL increase


+ 6,000

MQLs delivered


+$12 million

Attributed ARR


9 months

Average engagement length

What customers are saying

It’s difficult to stand up a marketing team in any situation, but particularly with a third party. I’m really glad we had Brian, because he had all that impact on the business and still delivered consistently.

Brian took some of our folks who don’t have expertise in marketing and surfaced their wisdom and their experience in a way that helped move our product understanding forward. That was extremely valuable and was part of my favorite outcomes. I still reference that slide deck daily.

Brian and his team have been critical to our success to date. We did not have a single dollar in SaaS revenue when we first engaged. He took us from defining our ICP to initial SaaS sales and through our continued growth to this point. We’ve exceeded our sales goals in each of the first three months of our operation and seem to be on a very exciting trajectory going forward.

My Certifications


Masters in Business Administration

University of Washington Foster School of Business

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T2D3 Certified Practitioner


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Product Marketing Certified: Core

Product Marketing Alliance


Inbound Marketing Certified



Email Marketing Certified



Product Marketing Certified


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