"I'm a full-stack marketing leader and design nerd. I love balancing the art and science of marketing to launch and grow software products. I like to think deeply, get my hands dirty, and get the details right—ideas are only great if they're also well executed."

Mike Northfield

Mike has built and owned marketing functions for multiple B2B SaaS companies as their first marketing leader. His experience spans product-led and sales-led motions with ACVs ranging from $200/yr to $100,000+/yr. He has led demand-gen programs and advised software companies across various industries, including billing & accounting, transportation & logistics, digital workplace management, public utilities, engineering, managed services, asset management, 3D design, broadcasting, and education.

His background in marketing leadership, design, and web development gives him a unique ability to turn ideas into reality by connecting big-picture strategy and vision with precise, tactical campaign execution and measurement.

Mike was a supporting author for T2D3: How some software startups scale, where many fail. He currently leads product development and product marketing for Kalungi and T2D3.

Areas of expertise:

Go-to-market strategy
Product marketing
Organic & paid demand generation
Positioning & messaging
Competitive differentiation
Analyst relations
Website design & rebuilds
Marketing operations
Content marketing
HubSpot implementation


Complete marketing functions built and managed


Products developed and launched from 0 to 1

$5 million+

new ARR generated from marketing programs
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"We had nothing (before) and have built something great—a sophisticated marketing engine. Mike and team executed as promised. We rebranded and built a new website. Our SEO went from pretty much non-existent to super sophisticated. We can now capture leads from traffic on our website, understand where they’re coming from, and how we can increase them. We never had that capability before.”


“The audit and go-to-market strategy work Mike did was incredibly helpful. I felt 10x more prepared to step into the CEO role on day one with much better priorities and a view into what is missing."


“I’ve worked with 100’s of marketers but never met anyone with the same level of understanding of the modern growth marketing landscape as Mike. He deeply understands marketing tools, techniques, theories, and methodologies. He’s a passionate learner, a hard worker, and a shining example of someone who is really honing their craft. 


Content by Mike

Podcast: B2B SaaS Marketing Snacks

A podcast where Mike and Stijn answer common consultative questions asked in sales calls at Kalungi. Short-form strategies and tactical advice to help early-stage B2B software (SaaS) companies build sustainable go-to-markets.


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T2D3: The B2B SaaS playbook

A book and educational ecosystem Mike co-authored with Stijn Hendrikse. Go-to-market fundamentals, frameworks, and approaches to help early B2B software companies understand what to prioritize at each stage of their go-to-market.



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Newsletter: T2D3 Insights

Mike's monthly newsletter for B2B SaaS go-to-market leaders. A blend of high-level theory and tactical application. Described by one SaaS founder as "pure genius".



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