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Demand Generation Updated on: Jan 30, 2020

How To Make A Cold Call Or Email A Bit Warmer

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Most unsolicited emails, calls or knocks on your front door are intrusive, bad for your brand, and just not effective.

Blank cold email campaigns have very low conversion rates. Even if the direct cost of sending emails to lists who have not opted in is low, the cost to your brand, and your email domain now getting flagged for spam, can be very high.

The reality is that many companies still feel the need to do some cold soliciting. The reason could be an empty pipeline, hurry to get the word out or general brand awareness issues. This blog is not about taking a position as to whether that’s good or bad, as circumstances can be complex (more here).

If you have to send out a cold solicitation, at least make sure it’s extremely relevant. If someone knocks on your front door and is selling tree pruning services, while you actually have a branch hanging over your car and they make you aware of this, the “cold” call can actually turn into a very good experience.

Out of every 20 cold emails you get, one can actually be very timely, relevant, thus effective.

If you decide to send any cold emails out, just make sure they are extremely relevant, to the point, well written and have the right landing page with valuable follow up.

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