B2B SaaS Marketing Boot Camp

Stijn Hendrikse
Apr 21, 2019, 10:12:35 AM

When you hire your first Marketing Intern or Junior Employee, here is a list of tools and training to help them get started. All of these are critical at some point in the life of a B2B SaaS Marketing Professional, and you might as well get started right away. Here's how.

Finally, as most B2B SaaS Companies use HubSpot, here is a blog with the Hubspot Training courses to start with to set up the CMS, Marketing Automation, Portal and Sales Tool sets.

After the fundamentals, I recommend exploring the next set of tools:

  • ABM List Building tools: Linkedhelper and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Advanced Analytics (tools like Hotjar and Full story)
  • Outbound campaign tools (Woodpecker.IO, Reply.io)
  • Sales CRM: SalesForce, Hubspot Sales Hub
  • Content Production: Zoom to Record all conversations and Rev.com to Transcribe into content
  • Video: Wistia or Vimeo - Allows for great video optimization, Analytics, and SEO

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