Get Going With HubSpot

Stijn Hendrikse
Jul 1, 2019

For many B2B SaaS companies with revenues below $20M ARR, HubSpot provides a great, complete toolset for Marketing, but also for Sales and even Services. Since the new “Digital” Go-To-Market has driven a lot of integration and overlap in these 3 functional areas, the ability of HubSpot to provide all these three as one experience is a great benefit. Many other MarTech Tool providers like Salesforce (Exact Target, Pardot), Oracle (Eloqua), Adobe (Marketto) have similar capabilities but are a combination of different tools that were developed separately and are less “integrated” out of the box.

When you get started with HS as a SaaS B2B Company, here are the educational steps to take for your team in the most logical order:

These are good courses that will make you an expert soon. This will not only be fun, but very valuable on your resume, as some of these have well-regarded certifications.

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