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8 Critical Parts Of A PR Launch

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Here are eight boxes to check when planning a PR event for a SaaS Product. Make sure you check them all to have maximum impact.

Define your audience and why they should care. Who's it for? What's it for?

  • What's new about what you're sharing? Test and make sure a few trusted people confirm that this is newsworthy enough for them to share it with others in your audience.
  • Interview your 4-5 best customers. Try to include at least 1-2 brand names that are relevant for your core audience.
  • Turn one or two of the stories into a video. Create a few short clips with soundbites, a 1-minute version, and a longer 5-10 minute version with a really insightful interview
  • Get 10+ powerful quotes. Ideally, you have 2 for each part of your value proposition, and some quotes that make you look credible and big. Numbers are better than words. Make sure to get some facts regarding growth and impact
  • Find out who is the most influential customer or individual that your audience follows. There are always torchbearers with a following or customers that get copied. Reach out early and ask for their help and opinion.
  • Think of your PR event as a campaign. It's not just a press release. You need to think about a compelling title, short and long-form content (a detailed blog to support the release), amplification and multi-channel "atomized" execution (an event, live or online, an interview, a promotion, an email, the new customer signed up). What do you want people to do next? What's the CTA? Make it easy for them to share and engage.
  • Tell a STORY. Your audience is your hero. How can you be their trusted guide with a plan?

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