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Clearwave Teams up with Kalungi

From hospitals and health systems to specialty practices, Clearwave’s electronic check-in kiosks have revolutionized patient check-in processes since 2004.

But, when the company received an investment from Frontier Capital in 2019, Clearwave knew it needed to scale its marketing team quickly.

Clearwave found Kalungi -- a full-stack marketing firm that intersects a unique background of outbound, inbound and CMO marketing services for B2B SaaS companies looking to grow. Clearwave began its relationship with Kalungi’s CMO-as-a-service program in the summer of 2019 and utilized it to build its marketing function over a period of 7 months.


“We needed to make this investment. We had such a nascent marketing effort and as I look to where we land today, it’s a huge win,” said Mike Lamb, CEO of Clearwave.

Paving the road for sustainable growth

Six months ago, Clearwave had a small marketing function that produced some collateral and a small digital presence. To drive the explosive growth it required, after receiving funding, Clearwave needed a team that could solidify its marketing fundamentals and execute a high-growth marketing strategy.


“Stijn did a great job implementing the foundation of our marketing strategy. We’ve come a long way with a very junior team, and Kalungi has given our team a much better jumping-off point than what they walked into.” 

“If you compare where we are today with six months ago from a collateral, case study, and sales enablement point of view, Kalungi definitely moved the needle in a big way. Now, we have a professional set of marketing materials and a future roadmap to build on,” explained Mike.


Going above and beyond the OKRs

Kalungi uses objectives and key results -- or OKRs -- to track, evaluate and determine quarterly goals for each engagement, as well as internally. This organized approach to goal setting focused Clearwave’s marketing efforts, ensuring that the right resources were allocated to the right projects.


“It was important that we had something really tangible that we could go back to when the change in leadership occurred. I think it was really good that we looked at the data, the finite OKRs and deliverables every week,” Mike explained, “We hit the marks, and that means you’re delivering exactly what you said. Even in some cases, exceeded,” Mike explained.”


Value-added at every step

Kalungi and Clearwave teamed up to refresh the website and branding, strengthening the company’s presence and voice. As far as optimizing the website, SEO, and organizing the marketing dashboard, you could see the sustained momentum of lead generation,“ Mike explained, “because all of the progress is really positive. That was well worth what we’re doing.”


Kalungi also introduced Clearwave to SaaS product launch specialist Damon Sununtnasuk to assist with Clearwave’s recent product launch: “The relationship with Damon is a huge win. When you factor that in, I think we got a very good bang for the buck. I think he delivered a lot more than just a launch toolkit. He’s a talented guy with a repeatable process that would benefit any SaaS organization.”


Collaborative leadership that keeps things moving

A good marketing leader needs to wear a lot of different hats each day to support growth and communicate often, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


“It’s difficult to stand up a marketing team in any situation, but particularly with a third party. I’m really glad we were able to utilize the associate-CMO, Brian Graf, because he had all that impact on the business and still delivered consistently.” 

“Kalungi deserves a lot of credit for stabilizing the team and making sure that from a workflow standpoint, things kept moving forward and the team didn’t drop any balls.”


A boost in the right direction

While all good things must come to an end, Kalungi left Clearwave with a solid marketing foundation and on track for explosive growth.


“I think the hallmark of any engagement is, if I’m Kalungi, are we leaving this better than we found it? And the answer is unequivocally yes.”

- Mike Lamb, CEO of Clearwave

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