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Ascend Software Turns to Kalungi to Build a Sophisticated Marketing Engine From Nothing


I’m not kidding. We had nothing.” 
So said Rob Southern, President, and CEO of Ascend Software, when describing his marketing department.
“We had no real search engine optimization, no tools, no program that we were executing on regularly for lead and demand generation, prospect nurturing, qualifying leads, or account-based marketing. Not only that, but our brand was many years outdated, and our positioning and messaging were not focused.” 
At 20 years old, Ascend had been quite successful without marketing. A channel partnership produced a lot of new business for its accounts payable software. But, with new investor funding, Rob knew they’d have to do more. 
Which is why he called on Stijn Hendrikse at Kalungi. 
Kalungi specializes in all phases of marketing for venture- and PE-backed, B2B SaaS companies that are looking to accelerate growth. They provided just what Ascend needed.
Non-existent to super sophisticated
When Stijn and I met, he showed me his playbook detailing what tactics were needed to jump start our marketing efforts. He described the functional areas where he’d be able to help, the tools he’d bring to bear, the processes he’d help put into place. 
“We’d get the whole package in a six-month engagement after which we’d have a properly functioning marketing engine. He’d even help us hire a person or team to keep in running.
“Kalungi executed as promised. We rebranded and built a new website. Our SEO went from pretty much non-existent to super sophisticated. We’re now able to capture leads from traffic on our website, understand where they’re coming from, and how we can increase them. We never had that capability before.”
B2B SaaS marketing that produces results
Of course, all the marketing in the world isn’t worth much if it doesn’t produce results. By following the Kalungi playbook, Ascend knew what it had to do to succeed.
Given Stijn’s experience, I knew we wouldn’t waste a lot of time, effort, or money on strategies that don’t work. We wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. We launched an account-based marketing effort that’s resulted in numerous leads, including at least one opportunity that’s in contracts now. All on a timeline that lined up with our presence at our biggest conference of the year. It was great.
Comfort and confidence to accelerate growth
I know down to a pretty fine detail what our market penetration is in a particular segment. So I know about the business we don’t have. Stijn and his team gave me comfort that we’re creating the right things to go after that untapped part of the market. 
“If I hadn’t worked with Kalungi, I wouldn’t have the certainty or have the model that can capture some of that market. That’s very helpful.
“This is about accelerating an already rapidly growing pipeline. We’re tapping into opportunities we knew were there and without their help, we couldn’t have done that.

Nothing to worry about

I’ve encouraged a number of other companies to work with Stijn. We had nothing and have built something that’s great, a sophisticated marketing engine. I had high confidence Stijn’s team could do that and didn’t have to worry about it. That was a huge load off me."

- Rob Southern, President & CEO of Ascend Software



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