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To market Process Director, BP Logix turns to B2B SaaS marketing agency with a process

BP Logix is well-known for providing a process and workflow platform for the higher-education market. So, it came as no surprise that when looking for marketing help for their B2B SaaS-based company, they sought an agency that had a proven process in place.


“With our recent shift to targeting the higher-ed vertical,” said new CEO Girish Pashilkar, “we felt we needed a marketing expert that had been there and done that, particularly in the context of software.”


Enter, Kalungi, the world’s first B2B SaaS marketing-as-a-service provider. 


With a proven process in place, Kalungi excels at helping recently funded SaaS companies define their market position and messaging to rapidly scale and achieve annual recurring revenue growth. 


A framework that works

“Kalungi has a time-tested framework,” explained Pashilkar. “It’s simple and impactful. It starts from the why and goes to the how. There was a lot of time spent on our brand voice and our ideal customer profiles. We came to a much better understanding of the users’ pains, our claims, and their gains. 

“The process brings strategic clarity and solid marketing foundations. It’s not about finding a way to go on the rooftop and shout the loudest. It’s being able to communicate in a thoughtful way so that you have something impactful to offer.

“Without Kalungi, there no doubt would have been blind spots that we missed. It would have taken longer to get our marketing strategy ironed out. With Kalungi, we got it done faster and with fewer slips and trips than had we not engaged with them. By the time we were done working on the marketing project, we had clarity, focus, and confidence.”

So much so that BP Logix has become a major influence on how universities and technical colleges easily move from paper forms and audit trials to digital ones with automated workflows. Process Director, their out-of-the-box solution, requires little if any coding. With it, higher-education institutions have reduced implementation time by an average of 70% and improved process responsiveness by 50%. 


“Teaming with Kalungi,” concluded Pashilkar, “is a great way for you to raise the maturity of your strategic thinking in a relatively short period of time. You can then use that as a foundation to focus limited resources in the right direction.”

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