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Strategy & Planning Updated on: Jan 30, 2020

Nail That Niche

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We are a group of Marketing Professionals solely focused on small- and midsize B2B SaaS Companies. What’s your niche?

What are you “BEST” at? What can “ONLY” you do? What do you do better than everyone else? If you cannot answer that question, you have not found your niche. Think about making your target audience/segment/market smaller, until you can be the BEST and ONLY one who can give them what they need.

Nailing a Niche will not only get you to grow faster, but it also allows you to build something that can last. 

Here are some examples:

Vermont Wooden Toys has been making wooden toys for almost 50 years.

This Poetry Bookstore is the oldest and most specialized in the United States

Devialet only sells one type of speaker. It’s wireless. Top Audio. Expensive. And only for a small market of audio enthusiasts with a specific set of needs.

ISV Software is the BEST Software Provider for Driving School Businesses in the Netherlands. They are the ONLY provider that enables all the different aspects of your Driving School Business.

Website builders for businesses who want to run auctions

Clario provides Marketing Analytics and Optimization Solutions for Retailers who have Digital and Print Go-to-Markets. And they are the only ones that can really do it well. 

If you decide to be the only bakery in town that does wedding cakes for Greek Orthodox weddings, you’ll surely get the loyalty of that community. Just make sure your town has a Greek Orthodox Community.

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