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Maslow Powered Marketing Messaging

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A good Marketing Messaging Framework or B2B Audiences resonates at two levels.

  1. You need to connect with the business needs so that your prospect can convince her or his employer, or other stakeholders, to buy what you're selling. In B2B Marketing you always are helping someone to spend someone else's money. So one of your messaging layers is about why to open the wallet for the solution you are offering. These are typically messages around an economical, business value proposition (faster, cheaper, higher quality, bigger, cleaner). 
  2. The other messaging layer is the fun part and is often forgotten. This is about connecting with the individual person in the B2B buyers' journey. This is the message that gets someone to look up, to pay attention or to click on your email.

A great framework to build the messaging part of your framework that needs to resonate with the individual is the good old Maslow Pyramid of Needs.  Try to think about ways your solution helps your audience have more job security, feel safer in what they do or learn something new and fulfill their potential. This is really powerful. Give it a try when you build your next email copy or messaging framework.

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