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Updated on: Mar 23, 2022

6 key ingredients for every marketing campaign

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A marketing campaign can be an email newsletter, an event invitation, or a product launch. A complete “campaign” really is an alignment of various marketing activities. It's a concerted effort to generate a certain amount of content that people are interested in, content relevant for a specific audience at a specific time that is integrated with specific actions and follows up the ongoing communication. Each campaign has to have an offer that gets people excited, an offer that is paired with a great call to action. You have to guide them to a landing page where they can potentially convert to new customers.

Every marketing effort is a mini-campaign: a tweet, a blog post, a YouTube video, a new webpage on your website. And every mini-campaign won't reach its fullest potential if it’s not treated as such. For example, if you build a blog, you have to understand who you’re writing it for, who you think will be interested in it or will learn something from it and will want to share it.


Let's take a look at your blog post as an example (this really applies to any mini-campaign). It must have the following 6 elements.

  • Title. Is the blog post title catchy and engaging? Will people gravitate towards it?
  • Benefits. Does it address benefits or pain points that are relevant to your customers? Do you have a list of those benefits? If you do, it will make it easier for others to talk positively about your content.
  • Proof. What do others say about your content? That is your proof that you're actually delivering on your promises.
  • Offer. You have to have an offer that will get people excited about, will make them want to click on and share and talk about.
  • Call to action. Your offer won't work if it's not paired with a call to action. People must perform an action to get the offer. Sign up for something. Register for something. Go somewhere. Click on something. Download something.
  • Landing Page. Ideally, you would have a landing page dedicated to this campaign, so you can track your success. This is especially important since Google no longer provides the detailed search query that led your visitors to your site.

What I have described above is the foundation of any basic marketing campaign.

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