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How to write your first product one-pager [Free template]

Rachel McBryde
Nov 20, 2020

As a B2B SaaS company, any marketing content you create is crucial to selling your service. From nurturing customers to lead generation, one-pagers are a great form of sales enablement content used in your buyer's journey.

Here are some useful B2B SaaS content marketing tips for your content team to adopt as well as a business one-pager template for your content team to write in a fast and scalable way.

one pager template

Download a free one pager template for your content team

Streamline your process and write copy in a fast and scalable way.  

Why your SaaS company needs one-pagers

First impressions are everything, and a one-pager is a great way to deliver a first impression that lasts for your product or services.

Simply put, a one-pager is a one-page document that summarizes your business products or services in a clear and succinct way. And for B2B SaaS companies who haven’t taken advantage of one-pagers, you’re missing out on a critical marketing asset that you can create quickly and easily.  

The objective of your one-pager should tie into your B2B SaaS content marketing strategy, specifically to educate your customer, create brand awareness and nurturing your contacts as a middle-of-funnel content. Think of it as a poster or flyer in today’s digital age. 

Here are some examples of different uses for one-pagers for your B2B SaaS company:

  • Sales pitches to potential investors
  • Product and or service guides for your sales team to distribute to prospects, partners and clients

So what are the key benefits of a one-pager?

Three benefits of a B2B One-Pager 

Here are some of the benefits you and your audiences gain by utilizing one-pagers to position and market your B2B company’s products or services:

  1. Quick, easy communication. Time is an incredibly important asset to your customers and business. Not everyone has the time to read through a 20-page business proposal, so it’s a great way to capture the most pertinent points of your business’s product or services. 
  2. Control your company’s narrative. It’s easy to fall into the trap of over-communicating your services. A one-pager is a great way to gain clarity and focus on your business, as well as the journey it’s gone through to create that solution. 
  3. Grab and focus attention. Your prospects see hundreds of one-pagers all the time. So make sure your one-pager has all the right information and design work connected to your brand style guide.

How to build an effective B2B one-pager 

Content and design play a pivotal role when creating an effective one-pager. It will require buy-in and alignment from your marketing and sales teams, but let’s not forget the final approval from your executive team. 

And remember, when brainstorming for the solution or product one-pager that there is a difference between the two. While a solution comprises of multiple products that solve for your costumes pains, your product is the foundational block for that solution.

Ask yourself these questions as you brainstorm one-pager content ideas with your marketing and sales team: 

Target Audience

Pain points your solution addresses

Solutions and gains 

  • Why is your solution worth investing in?
  • How will your solution improve the lives of its users? 
  • How is it different from others?

Product or service overview

  • What are your product/service’s core features, and what are the benefits of each feature?
    • Summarize these benefits into easily digestible content to keep your audiences engaged.
    • Include a call to action (CTA) to convert readers into the next stage of the buyer's journey.

Company overview 

  • Who are we? 
  • What do we do best? 
  • Why does our company exist?
  • What metrics can we leverage to provide further proof of our services?
  • What social proof can we include that relates to this service or product?

What to include in a B2B one-pager

As previously mentioned, content and design are crucial in creating a compelling one-pager. The more appealing it is to your target audience, the more ROI you’ll receive through lead generation. It’s all about capturing your ICP’s attention and keeping these prospects engaged as they read your content. 

Here are some example of what you can include in a one-pager:

  • Illustrations, icons and images
  • Easy-to-understand diagrams
  • Data and metrics relevant to your product or service
  • Short quotes from satisfied customers
  • Your call to action (Contact information or next steps)

It’s crucial to get the right balance between text and images in your one-pager. If your sections are too long, you’ll lose your prospect’s interest quickly.

If you have too many images or illustrations, you’ll also confuse your prospects. Just as you would cook up a meal, it’s all about having the right balance of ingredients to cook up a delicious and unforgettable meal.

Can my one-pager be more than a page?

As a rule of thumb, one-pages should just be a single page. Use your best judgment and do your best to fit it in one page, but if it doesn’t, limit yourself to two pages at the most. 

One-pager examples

We've included some one-pager examples below to illustrate how closely content and design must work together to deliver the appropriate copy and visuals. 

In the below one-pager example, Gong starts out with an attention-grabbing headline. They transition into a 'Solution Overview,' then directly into the Key Benefits (or 'Gains') their solution offers. 

They also include social proof on the right hand column, plus contact information for recipients when they're ready to take their next steps. 


You'll recognize the same content below, but presented differently. It's important to include just enough context for your reader without overwhelming them or drowning out your key value propositions.

Their combination of images, testimonials, and key benefits, followed up by a clear and compelling CTA, makes this an excellent one-pager example for beginners. 


Download your business one-pager template

Whether you’re a one-pager pro or just starting out, you’ll find that creating one-pagers gets easier over time. To make this process easier for you and your team, download Kalungi’s free one-pager template for you and your design or content teams. This will help you streamline the content creation process, and make sure you’re including the most important information. 

one pager template

Don't forget to download a free one pager template for your content team

Streamline your process and write copy in a fast and scalable way.  

Please note: this one-pager template is designed for copywriters to use, before transferring it to the design team. Your design team can use this as a baseline for all relevant information for the one-pager itself.

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