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Content Marketing Updated on: Mar 23, 2022

How to find writers based on your top keyword focus

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When I work with a B2B SaaS Company, we always need to build a team of contributing writers. I like to start with the top keywords that we focus on for SEO. Here is an example:


Next, I search on Google for best three articles that show up in the search results (this is a great task to outsource to your Marketing Bot).  Now find the writers of these pieces and get their LinkedIn profiles and emails. 

Here is how my bot just completed this task and reported back to me today:

Hi Stijn,

I have finished working on your delegation.
I was able to search the top 3 articles using the top 15 keywords you provided.
I also found 16 authors in total and searched for their authors.
I got 12 email addresses out of them.

You can review it in the following spreadsheet:


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Now my next question to Vincent (my Marketing Bot) will be to contact them and see if they are interested in Freelance Writing projects.

Get monthly executive SaaS marketing advice in your inbox


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