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25 Marketing Tasks You Can Delegate To A Bot/VA

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In my constant journey to scale the marketing teams I work with, tools like AI and Automation, and the ability to delegate work, have been a great blessing.

The combination of specialized individuals that can take on focused tasks and projects powered by the right process innovation tools works very well. For example, I love what the team at Invisible Technologies does to help with many of the below.

  1. Online competitive research. For example:
    1. Research your competition using online audit tools (like Semrush)
    2. Test the clarity of the value proposition (Who's it for? What's it for?)
    3. Test the Navigation (how long does it take to find something?)
    4. Get accurate competitive pricing information (your VA can ask on the chat, or email the research subjects
  2. Finding job candidates - Your VA/Bot often produces better results than expensive retained search firms in producing a good pipeline fast. They can research rockstars in your industry and the best people at your competitor
  3. High-quality list building. Especially for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
    1. Especially when combined with AI tools that can generate lookalike lists of leads
    2. Imagine adding someone who not only finds the exact type of company you want to prospect but adds all the current info from the website re their leadership team.
    3. They can find the latest news, the latest product launch/event or promotion
    4. Your bot can add info re partnerships or investors into your prospect.
    5. How do your prospects communicate with their customers?
    6. You can find out if they are hiring certain roles, or use a specific technology.
  4. Online mystery shopping. Test your companies (social /email/chat) response. Buying something. Try to get support
  5. Create content based on daily questions that your sales team and support teams get. Let your VA scan your CRM and Knowledge-base for new article opportunities.
  6. Influencer research - Doing this with a human in addition to software like Google trends, BuzzSumo, and the like gets your accuracy to a new level. Let your Bot research the search results for the keywords you care about and find out who's leading the commenting sections and Quora discussions.
  7. Scan for copyright infringement, copies, or usage of your brand name, product name, company name (or the competition). This is again a combination of software like Google Alerts, and a bot who filters what's important to flag and act on.
  8. Content and background research for long-form articles
  9. Updating many pages on a website
  10. Driving up SEO search rankings through manual search result engagement
  11. Schedule customer research/testimonial calls (find their info, invite, setup)
  12. Curate daily news on a topic for a newsletter (mentions, Google alerts)
  13. Update daily dashboard from multiple sources (search volume, GA, CRM, CC)
  14. Staff online chat and social for sales or website questions
  15. Curate comments on the blog and other online presence
  16. Research 'non-stock' photography to support marketing
  17. Amplify/boost/promote content
  18. Create online reviews for your product or service. Not acting like a troll, but actually reviewing your products and give meaning-full feedback
  19. Test your product/service/on-boarding
  20. Submit product award applications
  21. Research events/influencers by industry or product category
  22. Manage marketing calendar
  23. Monitor and engage in long tail social media (quota, Reddit, etc)
  24. Keep budget actuals up to date
  25. Create vertical/SIC versions of landing pages

 Enjoy Delegating!

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