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How To Fill Out Your Weekly SaaS Marketing Dashboard

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Creating and maintaining an up-to-date SaaS KPI Dashboard is not the favorite task for most team members. If you do it, you might as well do it right.

  1. Accuracy - Always double check your numbers. Ensure your dashboard is dependable and credible. If the numbers are not correct, nothing else matters.
  2. Benchmark - Compare and contrast. No number can be reviewed in isolation. Compare vs. the past, compare multiple channels, compare vs. the competition.
  3. Have a target - Make sure you are always working vs. a target. Know what it is. Even if a KPI is new and you have limited data, you’ll need to aim for something.
  4. Provide insights - If your KPI is on track, explain what you think is going well and can be scaled up. If your KPI is behind, what is going different vs. what you expected?
  5. What’s next - How is your marketing plan this week going to help you improve your performance, or do more of what’s working?

A SaaS Marketing Dashboard needs to help you do your job better. It’s not just a reporting tool. It will help you focus and be successful over time.

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