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Growth Hacker (Digital Marketer) Job Description

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Tools, data, analytics, dashboards, planning, web developer. Marketing automation. A/B tester. A competitive edge is a plus. Results oriented.

  • Your philosophy for marketing is based on data. You live by the principle of “Always Be Testing” - Your day job is a constant series of optimization experiments with landing pages, emails, website layout, and navigation, digital ads, creative and messaging.
  • You own the digital journey of the customer. You know it better than anyone else. You turn customer personas into real digital, data-driven, actionable segmentation. When your colleagues have an opinion, you can validate it with real data or a test.
  • Funnel friction is your enemy. You’re constantly finding ways to make it easier for our prospects and buyers to move ahead in the funnel make decisions, provide us with information that allows us to better support them and drive conversions. You develop all the nurture campaigns (onboarding, loyalty, upsell) to maximize customer engagement and reduce churn.
  • You have a deep bag of technical competencies. Front-end web development, Google Analytics, and various Marketing Automation tools like Hubspot are things you can teach others. You’ll always be on the lookout to automate and scale our marketing infrastructure with the newest developments, without using technology for technology's sake.
  • For the marketing team, you own the communication about results and outcomes. You keep the team on their toes by constantly showing how we are doing vs. before, vs. benchmarks and vs. the competition. Dashboards, reports and constant questions are the tools you use to help us grow.

Your KPIs are Conversions (in the various stages of the marketing funnel), Funnel speed, CAC, Churn, and ARPU

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