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Content Marketing (CopyWriter) Job Description

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Content Marketer

Is a copywriter at their core. Understands their audience. Values content quality over quantity. Supports sales team with materials. Manages day-to-day Website content and email copy. Is an SEO fanatic understanding that the world sees us through a digital lens, without embarking on SEO trickery.

  1. You turn poetry into an engagement. You use content to connect with the audiences that are most relevant to us, in a way that’s relevant for them. You keep asking the questions “What’s it for?” and “Who’s it for?” to make sure our communication is specific and meaningful.
  2. You’re an educator, a journalist, and a thinker. You get people to look up and notice us. You invite people to engage with our content and then take the next step in their journey. You can balance the WOW (be noticed), HOW (engage and educate) and NOW (drive action) of content marketing.
  3. SEO is about time-on-page and bounce rate because people eat your content up, not about keyword stuffing or artificial link building. You are getting people to share and link to our content because they want to, not because we ask them to.
  4. You are a master of words. You play with language. You enjoy writing copy for an email or a tweet, just as much as conducting research and developing a deep editorial piece. You’re comfortable connecting with our users and customers and tell their stories.
  5. You’re a wizard of simplicity. You write straightforward, tight copy and get rid of the clutter. Your stories are deep and engaging, while to the point and articulate. You invite people to change their point of view, or even better, you get them to start a dialog and share their point of view with us.

Your KPIs are content relevance (SERP/Page-rank/DA-PA), content engagement (TOP/BR), and content ROI (subscriptions, conversions, shares)

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